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Dead Cyborg is back with its second episode!

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This second episode is supposed to offer 2-3 hours of “old school” adventure experience that will put you again in the role of a man who tries to find out what is going on in a post apocalyptic world of the future, where robots and men fought with each other leaving a radioactive dangerous and blasted debris-world that you will have to explore while avoiding contamination.


The one man who created everything is Endre Barath and he used the Blender gaming engine to bring his creation to the world, allowing everyone to download and play the game for free, but beginning the creation of the final 3rd episode only if the sum of the donations reach the goal of 5000 usd. That is a fair deal I believe :)

About the game, it continues in the same atmospheric cartoon-like, post apocalyptic humoristic atmosphere that aims to encapsulate the feeling that you get from an old text-based adventure of the past. You move with W,A,S,D and the mouse exploring in first person mode and you have to basically search for items that can be used in special places like triggers, consoles, computers, terminals etc.

In this world you find information written in the walls, talking to other robots and from self contemplation of the character. You won’t need to solve any extreme mind bending puzzles or anything like that on Dead Cyborg. You just need to search everywhere and keep focused on the info you get, the places you’ve been and what you’ve encountered.

Dead Cyborg is a fun little adventure game that you will certainly enjoy if you’re a fan of the kind. If you haven’t played episode 1, you should begin from there, so that you get a more natural plot reeling. Both episodes won’t last for more than 5-6 hours of gameplay combined, so this is a good one for the weekend :)

  Dead Cyborg Website

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