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D-Feet 0.1.15 – A tour into DBUS hierarchy!

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The current features of this little tool include the following:

  • View names on any bus
  • View exported objects, interfaces, methods and signals
  • View the full command line of services on the bus
  • Execute methods with parameters on the bus and see their return values

What is new in version 0.1.15?

  • Add Thomas Bechtold as a project maintainer
  • Fixed tree model crash
  • Fix crash on empty selection
  • Removed gap between window titlebar and menubar
  • Import gtk early in a try except block so we catch if display is not set
  • Use XDG config dir
  • Update .gitignore
  • Fix icon globbing in

Asking for your help

“I am requesting that anyone who has a D-Bus development workflow to write up their day to day usage of D-Bus debugging tools

Download D-Feet

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