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Customizing GTK themes just got easier!

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Current features are:

  • Customize selected background color
  • Customize Xfce panel, Gnome panel and Unity panel
  • Customize menu colors

I don’t guarrantee it wlll work well for all themes and if it doesn’t work, please report a bug and I will try to fix it. 

To use this tool you can either use this ppa at your own risk if you are an Ubuntu user, or download the source. For the source you will need Vala 0.16 installed and run the “make” command on a terminal. This will produce a binary that you can launch by double clicking.

Download it from Github!

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  • Denis

    Now thats what im talking about!! I was looking for an app like that. Many thanks

    • alex285

      Two days work without previous experience. I am just saying to prove how easy is to develop small useful Gnome Apps :)

  • bouhlel moez

    please add support form more widgets quikly, and for more tweaks than colors (border tweak like size and radium, text tweak like font and shatdow,…)
    and please support for import and export themes
    that will be very useful

  • JJ

    Hi, please add an rpm package. This is so bad; Ubntu don’t even support gnome properly. But even you release only ppas. Please create an rpm repo or a package. Please!

  • Jonas Kulla

    Oh, so you were the person on the mailing list =)
    I’m glad you were successful with your program.

    • Satyajit Sahoo

      Thanks. I think, without your help this won’t have been possible. Thanks again :D

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