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Creating The Real Awesome Icon Theme For GNOME!

I was trying to create an awesome theme (sic) for GTK+, and I figured out that an important aspect of a theme is the icon set. The symbolic and the files/folders. You can’t make a good GTK+ theme without them.

For the rest of the icons (applications) I’m going to use the defaults of GNOME. They are super nice, no need to change those!

My knowledge (& my time) in Inkscape is bellow zero, so I can’t draw any icons from scratch. But, is it really necessary to create a new icon set from scratch? Absolutely not! 

I love flat, I bet many people love it too, so lets use Font-Awesome!

Yeap, it looks awful, but that was on purpose, for now ;)

Font-Awesome (369 Awesome Icons at the moment!) are so awesome because they are free, they are flat, they are monochromatic, and most importantly, people are familiar with them. We use them everyday on various web-sites, and not only! They are pretty much a standard.

We can apply some padding, coloring, adding actions (e.g Apple and OwnCloud logos), even gradients & any other kind of filters, in batch and create really cool icon themes in seconds. I mean we can create like 100 variations in 10 minutes, after we have our basic templating.

I’ll do this with Adobe (which I haven’t here), but we can use free image editing program as well. I’m not so much into graphics programs anyway.

There are plenty ways to get Font-Awesome in SVG/PNG format, but I used Font-Awesome-SVG-PNG which is a Node Plugin. You can export different sizes and colors of course and it takes just 2-3 seconds!

You can get it from:

Happy Theming ;)

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