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Creating Gnome Symbolic Icons with jimmac!

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by jimmac

Jacub Steiner explains the special difficulties and requirements when designing symbolic icons ..and more!

by stere0type

Barbara’s work is not yet finished, as there are many symbolic icons still to be completed, but I am sure that you will find the sample of the finished new symbolic icons for GNOME very nice!


stere0type and jimmac are the nicknames of Barbara and Jacub respectively

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  • Michael de Hart

    Did Barbara ever finish this great icon set? I was planning on making a similar mono-icon-set till I found this page. The default toolbox icon of gimp are not very iconic and recognizable This set has a very professional look and I love the cropping-tool icon (gimp’s current icon looks like the slicing tool in Photoshop) I hope that a set like this will be the default someday. My opinion is that Gimp is a professional image manipulation tool so it needs some professional looking icons ;-)