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ConvertMe – right here, right now!

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Supported Formats:

  • OGV
  • OGG
  • MP4
  • AVI
  • MPEG-2
  • MP3
  • WAV
  • FLV
  • MOV
  • WMV
  • YouTube
  • Smart Phone
  • Standard Mobile
  • JPEG Image Sequence

Nautilus Integration

There are two ways to launch ConvertMe. The first one is the classic find it in the applications menu, and the second is to right click any media file that you want to convert to another format and find the application on the scripts menu.


There are not many options available, but who needs them when converting really. What you get from ConvertMe is more than enough when doing simple non-advanced everyday video converting.

You can choose the video output format type and set the Bitrate, Sample Rate and the video dimensions if you like.


Installing ConvertMe for Fedora and Ubuntu users is as simple as running the following installation script as root.

Ubuntu Fedora

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  • Renato

    It will take no time to Nautilus developers block it “because it will confuse the users”.

    • alex285

      Look what happened with the extensions. You can make a Gnome Shell that you will hardly recognize it is really a GS. In Gnome community rules!

    • Bill_Toulas

      No one is going to block it. This is just an application that uses a launch script for Nautilus. It is not an official part of Nautilus