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Continuous Integration of GNOME modules on the top of Jenkins

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Hello fellow GNOME developers,

this already came up as a side issue recently, but now we are at a point where have reasonably stabilized our GNOME jhbuild continuous builds/integration test server to become actually useful:

This is building gnome-suites-core-3.8.modules, which currently consists of 160 modules. Builds are updated every 15 minutes, and triggered whenever there was a new commit in a module or any of its dependencies. This mostly uses the smarts of jhbuild, we just have some extra scripts around to pick the results apart for Jenkins and drive the whole thing. You can click through all the modules, all their builds, and get their build logs…

Read the full announcement and discussions in GNOME Desktop development ML.

UDS Precise Pangolin

From left to right:  Sebastien Bacher, Martin Pitt and Jeremy Bicha.

By the way Jenkins, is a Java open source continues integration server that merges all workspaces of a project with a shared mainline several times a day.

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  • Martin Pitt

    It was really Jean-Baptiste Lallement who set most of this up, as I wrote in the announcement.

    The person to the left is our honourable Monsieur Sebastien Bacher (

    • alex285

      Thank you, I update it!