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Conquer YouTube with Minitube!

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Searching YouTube for content is the option that you get from the first moment that you launch the application. You can perform a search by keyword or by channel, use or clear the history of previous searches and even choose to refine your search.

You can also search by using the top right search box. Minitube offers search suggestions when typing and also provides spell suggestions (Did you mean…) in case you typed something wrong. You can also filter videos by publication date, quality, or video duration.

Play and Playlists

After you choose the video you want to watch from the search results the video starts playing inside a box on the right. You can change the video quality up to 1080p with a simple mouse click. Also, a fullscreen mode with mouse cursor, toolbar and playlist autohide is available too.

If you are having CPU overloading troubles when playing high definition videos, then you should try Minitube as it promises to be lighter than a browser and does no use of Flash Player by default.

What you see on the left side of the above screenshot is not only the search results but also your playlist.You can edit items simply by drag and drop and even remove them completely. If you use YouTube to listen to songs, you will be over-pleased by Minitube!


I have seen many different ways, tools, plugins and add-ons that promise to help you download a YouTube video in your hard drive in the easiest, fastest and more powerful way, but nothing compares to the way Minitube does it.

You simply press the down arrow on the top center and your video starts downloading in the quality you are watching it. You can change the download destination, manage downloads and view speed and progress on the corresponding Downloads tab that can be reached by pressing the button on the bottom right.

Everything is downloaded in mpeg4 which is probably the most “compatible” video format out there, but the lack of more format options  is one of the few things a can complain about. This is not a big case in real life though. You can always convert the downloaded file into something else.


Minitube is a real must for YouTube users, and definitely a nice-to-have tool for everyone out there. It simplifies things and in the same time, it doesn’t cut anything out of the YouTube experience. Loved the way it downloads and manages playlists, but I could use more options in the format front and notifications maybe.

To end with some coolness, Minitube is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, but only the Linux version is free of price, so I think it would be great if you’d show a little love and donate to this project!

Minitube Website

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  • hellzou

    Nice little app. Just don’t forget it’s not free (as in freedom) software.

  • Michael Mistretta

    Is this still a GTK2 application? It would look so much better with Adwaita Dark. :P

    • hellzou

      I think it’s a QT application but I’ve made enough mistakes today.

      • alex285

        Yes it is QT and Open Source. The sources are in Gitorious
        On their main page isn’t obvious that is Open Source App. They have a Buy or Try button for Windows and Mac OS X users. Try is like buy without support -what you need support for? It is like they cheating on Win/Mac users ..which is great :)

        • carlian

          No need to be a dick about about the Windows and Mac users. Also, it is only time trial version for the WIndows and Mac versions.

    • somebody

      Afaik it’s QT. It has always been.

  • ScionicSpectre

    By far one of my favorite desktop applications. It’ll be interesting to see how GNOME Videos will compare.

    • alex285

      Nice question. Never thought about that :)