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Collaborative GTG: YouTube Preview!

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Para-Doxe sent us the link of Izidor Matusov’s work, enjoy ;)

GTG is a very practical App for helping you schedule your everyday tasks and jobs. It has some fanatical users -there is a reason for it- and I personally prefer it over Evolution calendar. It seems that goes very “project-oriented”  and loses its minimalistic style and as GTG devs say:

It is not made to just handle a bunch of simple lists (groceries, etc.). it is a tool that allows people to identify and track down everything they have to do and help them to organize themselves. So, contrary to simple todo list tools, GTG allow to implement an *personal organization system*”

but GTG wants to be simple, yet powerful..

Our model is gedit: at its core, it appears as a clean and basic text editor, but when you start to use it, you can customize it quite a lot, so that in the end not 2 people exactly use the same way.

The future of GTG

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  • Para-Doxe

    I think the person who deserves most of thanks is the original author of the code:

    • Alexis Diavatis


  • dekks herton

    so we have evolution calendar and now gtg, are these 2 projects just doing the same thing?