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Clutter Gains its 7th Action: A ClutterZoomAction

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ClutterZoom came to be added at:

  • ClutterClickAction — Action for clickable actors
  • ClutterDragAction — Action enabling dragging on actors
  • ClutterDropAction — An action for drop targets
  • ClutterGestureAction — Action for gesture gestures
  • ClutterSwipeAction — Action for swipe gestures
  • ClutterRotateAction — Action to rotate an actor

Of course this patch is for the unstable branch. It fixes bug #678427 for which Lionel Landwerlin says:

“While playing with the multi touch on Android, I thought it would be cool to have a “zoom” action, pretty much like what every smart phone have.

Here is a try that implements a drag as long as you have a single touch point and a zoom/scale once 2 touch points are on the actor.”

Clutter Unstable API


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