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Clutter 1.11.12 | Mutter 3.5.90 | Gnome Shell 3.5.90 Releases!

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Clutter 1.11.12 | List of changes since Clutter 1.11.10

ClutterBinLayout honours the fixed-position of actors

  • The ClutterBinLayout now checks if the :fixed-position-set property of a ClutterActor is set, and will use the fixed position when computing the allocation, without requiring an explicit CLUTTER_BIN_ALIGNMENT_FIXED alignment policy.

Soft-deprecation of ClutterGeometry

  • The ClutterGeometry boxed type is a bad rectangle type, with known issues when used for unioning and intersecting; Clutter uses the type in signals and properties, so we cannot fully deprecate it. The documentation has been amended, and API using ClutterGeometry has been deprecated where it makes sense.

Deprecate the ClutterActor::paint signal

  • The class handler for ClutterActor::paint is still available, but connecting to the ::paint signal directly is strongly discouraged, and will emit warnings if the CLUTTER_ENABLE_DIAGNOSTIC environment variable is set. Notifications of a full paint for the Stage should happen only through the repaint functions.

Ensure we associate input devices to the stage on touch events

  • Like we do for crossing events for pointer devices, beginning and ending a touch sequence should associate the input device to the stage.

Allow constraining a DragAction to an area

  • Similarly to how we allow constraining the dragging to an axis, we can also constrain the dragging to a specific area, expressed in parent-relative coordinates.

Do not handle events on ClutterText if :selectable is FALSE

  • If the ClutterText:selectable property is FALSE we should only reposition the cursor, and avoid the whole drag-to-select event handling.

Add ClutterActor:child-transform

  • The :child-transform property allows applying an initial transformation to the children of an actor, but not to the actor itself.

Fix height-for-width policy in ClutterBinLayout

Add ClutterZoomAction

  • An action that implements the pinch gesture to scale an actor up or down through two touch points.

Documentation fixes

Translations update

Assamese, Indonesian, Ukranian, Traditional Chinese translation (Hong Kong and Taiwan), Spanish, Galician, Serbian.

Bug Fixes

  • #681584 – clutter touch events tests slows down a lot after some use
  • #681074 – Call clutter_input_device_update_from_event from clutter_x11_handle_event
  • #681168 – ClutterDragAction: allow constraining the movement of the dragged actor
  • #682070 – clutter-text: Make sure to paint the background of a text actor
  • #682265 – ClutterBinLayout not honoring ClutterActor position set through clutter_actor_set_position
  • #679483 – ClutterBoxLayout does not do height-for-width properly
  • #678427 – Zoom action
  • #681814 – ClutterDragAction causes crashes when drag actor is destroyed at drag-end time


Nilamdyuti Goswami, Daniel Mustieles, Fran Diéguez, Chao-Hsiung Liao, Daniel Korostil, Dirgita, Duarte Loreto, Giovanni Campagna, Jasper St. Pierre, Lionel Landwerlin, Sjoerd Simons, Tristan Van Berkom, Мирослав Николић and Emmanuele Bassi of course

Release Clutter 1.11.12 (snapshot)

Mutter 3.5.90 Changelog

  • Fix logic for handling translations of the windows group [Owen; #681221]
  • Handle painting inside a Clutter clone [Owen; #681953]
  • Update overlay-key on settings changes [Florian; #681906]
  • Add keybinding for overlay-key [Florian; #665547]
  • Minor fixes and improvements [Javier, Florian]


Javier Jardón, Florian Müllner, Owen Taylor


Sweta Kothari [gu], Muhammet Kara [tr], Khaled Hosny [ar], Sandeep Sheshrao Shedmake [mr]

Bump version to 3.5.90

Gnome Shell 3.5.90 Changelog

  • Use symbolic icons for workspace switch OSD [Jon; #680738]
  • Lock screen improvements:

– Hide user menu and a11y menu in the screen lock [Giovanni; #681143] – Bump the lock screen slightly when pressing a key [Giovanni; #681143] – Constrain vertical movement of the screen shield [Giovanni; #681143] – Return to lock screen on idle [Giovanni; #682041] – Unlock screen automatically after fast-user switching [Giovanni; #682096] – Fix “other user” label [Ray; #681750]

  • Constrain content of system modals to primary monitor [#681743]
  • Respect automatic lock setting on suspend/user-switch [Giovanni; #680231]
  • Improve styling of keyring prompt [Jasper; #681821]
  • Do not hard-code as overlay-key [Florian; #665547]
  • Update style of attached modal dialogs [Florian; #681601]
  • a11y: allow navigation on non reactive items [Alejandro; #667439, #667439]
  • Implement mode-less overview design [Joost, Florian; #682109]
  • Implement message-tray redesign:

– Restyle the message tray [Ana, Allan, Florian; #677213, #682342] – Move the desktop upwards when showing the tray [Debarshi; #681392] – Add a close button to notifications [Ana, Jasper; #682253] – Add a keybinding to toggle the tray [Debarshi; #681392] – Make the tray keyboard navigable [Debarshi; #681519] – Add dwelling at the bottom of the screen to open the tray [Owen; #682310] – Don’t time out banners when the user is inactive [Marina, Jasper] – Misc fixes and cleanups [Jasper, Marina]

  • Fix showing “Next Week” on Sundays [Sebastian; #682198]
  • Delay restoring IM presence until the network comes up [Florian; #677982]
  • Display enterprise login hint [Ray; #681975]
  • Ignore unrecognized/irrelevant network devices/connections [Dan; #682364]
  • Misc bug fixes and cleanups: [Dan, Florian, Jasper, Jiro, Piotr, Rico; #643687, #682045, #682189]


Giovanni Campagna, Allan Day, Piotr Drąg, William Jon McCann, Sebastian Keller, Jiro Matsuzawa, Florian Müllner, Alejandro Piñeiro, Debarshi Ray, Ana Risteska, Jasper St. Pierre, Ray Strode, Owen Taylor, Rico Tzschichholz, Joost Verdoorn, Dan Winship, Marina Zhurakhinskaya


Nilamdyuti Goswami [as], Daniel Mustieles [es], Yaron Shahrabani [he], Chao-Hsiung Liao [zh_HK, zh_TW], Tobias Endrigkeit [de], A S Alam [pa], Sandeep Sheshrao Shedmake [mr], Fran Diéguez [gl], Мирослав Николић [sr, sr@latin]

Bump version to 3.5.90

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