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OwnCloud is the first open-source cloud-files service which made its debut in GNOME 3.8 through GOA (GNOME Online Accounts).  At this point, it isn’t about the quality of the service, but for openness. Sure, you can find more quality solutions like Ubuntu One but.. It’s a matter of taste and coolness, if you want to use as much Open Source as possible, without sacrificing lots.


An OwnCloud instance for GNOME Contributors is accessible at:


This isn’t currently* open for everyone.

The GNOME Infrastructure hosts an Owncloud istance at, which is currently available to all the GNOME Teams and developers requesting access to it for downloading and sharing files and folders inherent to their contributions within the GNOME Project. Please get in touch with AndreaVeri for having your account created.

*At this point -at least for OwnCloud (OC)- there isn’t a plan for GNOME to release such service for public, but in my opinion communities like GNOME should and will focus on cloud services for their users, as long as this become financial feasible -demand exists.

You can check more at:

whats next

This is the entry in open source clouding for GNOME, but nerveless isn’t the end. One more similar thing is coming for 3.10, and is the Git integration in the developer experience, which it can be reused and integrated in the future Gnome IDE.

how to use it

First thing you need is actually the OwnCloud instance. If you are a GNOME contributor you need to ask from GNOME to open you an account. If you aren’t a contributor you can get your 2GB for free from Red Hat’s OpenShift with one click OwnCloud deploy. Okay, I’am not advertising the more than one billion dollars company here, but these guys do everything for free (as speech), so I just prefer them.

not real sync

After having your OC ready, a small catch you need to know is that OC doesn’t sync your local files with Cloud -although you can do that.  What it basically does, is to mount your online storage to a folder in your local PC. This is the optimal way in cloud computing, as long as we have super fast connections -which we haven’t. It will work real good for small files but not for big ones like movies collections.

OC and GOA

On a previous post I have said about a no-integration of OC with GOA. Well, that was actually my mistake. The reason that GOA was ignoring my OC Account was a missing dependency from Fedora 19. GVfs needs to be built with GOA support and so we need the gvfs-goa package.

In Fedora:

$ sudo yum install gvfs-goa

Then we need to add our OC account in GOA


In GNOME 3.8 open Settings->Online Accounts->Add->OwnCloud  and add your credentials. Next time you will open Nautilus you will see your OC Mount Point in the sidebar under the networks. 


My Networks  is a bit messy. The reason is that OC instance in Cloud.GNOME doesn’t work correctly with GOA at the moment (but it will be soon fixed), and I was testing it, therefore the many accounts. However the OpenShift instance does work okay.

The DAV folder I am showing in the above figure is my manual mount. Of course you can manually mount OC, either if

  • you add the WebDAV endpoint (eg., davs:// directly in Nautilus then you are directly using the DAV backend in GVfs, without any intereference from GOA.
  • you mount it through a terminal with davfs mount
$ cd
$ mkdir DAV
$ sudo mount -t davfs DAV

To use mount.davfs you need davfs2 package. In Fedora:

$ sudo yum install davfs2



Red Hat


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  • Khurshid Alam! Now that’s a serious motivation to become a gnome member.

  • Bastian Hougaard

    So there is no difference between using OwnCloud integration and connecting to your webserver with Nautilus through say SFTP in terms of file management? Aww, I will look forward to the time synchronization arrives then, had kinda hoped this was the case here. I need to be able to access my owncloud files offline too… :/

    • sramkrishna

      owncloud has a linux client that does the synchronization. So you can still do it, just probably not through nautilus.

      • Bastian Hougaard

        Thanks for letting me know, that’s awesome! Don’t misunderstand me though, I think that the integration with Owncloud is nice and I am glad that GNOME is going this path (integration with online services). So excited about the future. ^^

        • sramkrishna

          I would like to see the same thing. Perhaps you can get involved and help Debrashi with it?

          • Bastian Hougaard

            That is a really good idea – once I am over with these examns I will ask him. :-) *beings plotting dates in calendar*

            Still owe #marketing some videos though, will likely do those first.

  • ScionicSpectre

    Cool. Makes sense- I should look into it, although I’m sure the level of integration will be more useful in the next release.

  • kesymaru

    would be nice if gnome+owncloud make a service with plans for people then we could be helping and supporting the two projects.

    • ApostolisApo

      I think we have lot of things to see slowly coming to gnome.
      I think at last, one by one the pieces come into place…
      IMO gnome from 3.6 and later really took off!