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Cinnamon 1.6 brings new features and applets!

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New features:

  • Workspaces can be renamed now. This allows you to define distinct and memorable environments and to separate and gather your windows according to your activities.
  • Thumbnail previews in Alt+Tab switcher. “Window Previews” shows a preview of the selected window while switching with an effect similar to the Compiz Fusion switcher. The window in question comes to the front of the screen and is displayed prominently. If the theme defines it, the window can also be highlighted with an outline border/color.

Here is a quick video showing both the window preview and the thumbnail preview under Cinnamon 1.6:

  • Window Quick List. he Window Quick-List is a new applet which lists all your windows across all workspaces.
  • Improved Sound Applet. The layout was reworked to give the cover artwork more space. The volume slider now features a visible percentage and no longer controls amplification past 100%. The applet now also comes with tooltips and mute buttons for the sound and the microphone
  • Nemo is now the default file manager. Cinnamon will eventually handle all visible layers of the Gnome desktop and provide an integrated experience, not only in terms of window and workspace management, but also in terms of file browsing, configuration and desktop presentation. Cinnamon 1.6 comes with tight integration for Nemo and a brand new backgrounds selection screen.
  • Notifications Applet. The notifications applet acts like a tray which collects the notifications you didn’t click on. This is particularly handy when you’re busy doing something else and you just happened to see a notification in the corner of your screen but didn’t have time to read it, or when you’re away and you want to catch up with what happened during your absence.
  • Edge Flip
  • Grid View in Expo
  • Configurable panel heights
  • Panel auto-hide delay options
  • Expo and Scale applets
  • Brightness applet
  • Mouse scroll to switch windows in window list applet
  • “Close all” and “Close other” in window list applet
  • Cinnamon 2D (A new session which uses software rendering, to help people troubleshoot compatibility problems with Cinnamon)
  • Workspaces and Menu pages in Cinnamon Settings
  • Faster menu filtering
  • Menu activation on hover
  • Settings applet is now part of the panel context menu
  • New widgets (for Applet developers): radio buttons and checkboxes

Source: Official announcement

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  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    I’d really love to see “Thumbnail previews in Alt+Tab switcher” implemented by default on Gnome Shell