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Cheese awaits redesign -and maybe Facebook/Twitter support?

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Daily new socials, docs, chat, media sharing and other kind of services show up on Internet and it seems there is always space for them. However there isn’t space in our desktop to  keep opened 10+ web-browsers for them. That is where Gnome Cloud Applications fit as they can manage multiple accounts from multiple services.

Cheese might be one of them! There is a discussion if Cheese should expand its sharing options to Twitter and Facebook. While these thoughts are still very early and we haven’t an implementation yet, none the less reveal that Gnome targets Cloud in every aspect!

 Current development targets to solve these issues:

  • Opens default photo viewer or video player in order to view photos and videos
  • Not possible to apply effects after a photo is taken or a video is recorded
  • It is not clear where Cheese is saving the photos and videos
  • It is not possible to set another default location for saving photos and videos
  • To save photos and videos in a different location, you have to right-click the image in the stream and click ‘Save As…’ (generate duplicates)
  • In the stream (context menu), the difference between ‘Move to trash’ and ‘Delete’ is not clear? (indeed, the keyboard shortcut to ‘Edit > Move to Trash’ is [Delete]
  • ‘Share’ opens a dialog called ‘Send To…’: Lack of consistency.
  • In the ‘Sent To…’ dialog, the ‘Send as’ and ‘Send to’ fields might be confusing
  • From the ‘Send To…’ dialog, it is possible to create CDs/DVDs and send files to disks. Since the dialog is opened when ‘Share’ is selected, these options seem a bit out of context.
  • It is hard to get out of fullscreen mode (you have to know the keyboard shortcut)
  • ‘Edit > Move to Trash’ is enabled when no photo/video is selected
  • ‘Edit > Move All to Trash’ is enabled when there are no photos/videos in the stream
  • Does not require confirmation when ‘Edit > Move All to Trash’ is selected
  • ‘Edit > Effects’ might be confusing
  • ‘Edit > Effects’ relate to effects that may be added before taking photos or recording videos. The rest of the options under ‘Edit’ are related to actions available after taking photos or recording videos. This might me confusing.

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