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Check On Shell Experimental Notifications

I took a video from Shell, new-notifications branch which is experimental. Those are under design, nothing final!

Just two things.

1. This comes from Jasper St. Pierre (js dev), and Pierre wasn’t online to ask him some more info about his latest work. Gnome is changing things in GSettings, they change things in Notifications libraries, and they change designs as well, adding some more animations.

2. My video is bad. There were some more things I had to screencast, but Shell wasn’t very stable, and it was required some extra time. I will do a new one later. 

I tried it, I’m sharing it ;)

You can see all the changes @ Git.Gnome:



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  • Carlos Soriano Sánchez

    We really need a code refactoring and clean in notifications and in message tray from some time, aside also the layout and style of them, so FANTASTIC work from Jasper, as always.

    • alex285

      The amazing about this guy is that he reviews all patches, he reviews bugs, he replies in mailing lists, he is active on IRC, he checks on G+ ..oh and he writes code. how?

  • George

    This may be fine for a tablet but it looks at first glance to completely f**k over the desktop user. BUt let me ask, when I click on a notification from Evolution it takes me right to the application. Are you suggesting that I now have to click the bubble go to the bottom of the screen, wait for the notification bar to pop up and then click. Please say this isn’t so or at very least there will be a desktop mode.

    • alex285

      Don’t count any of those as final. It is not even on master. If you think that is something wrong at the current designs (3.10), please DO file a bug. It matters.

  • JaSauders

    Am I understanding this properly that the message tray function in the notification menu won’t show you any actual text in a conversation? But will just allow you to send messages one at a time with no visible path of history? If that’s what I’m gathering from this, then I really can’t put into words enough how disappointed this makes me. That said, I might be understanding this entirely incorrectly, which I certainly hope is the case…

    • alex285

      Hey, that is obviously a bug, It’s experimental :)

      • JaSauders

        I was hoping so, but sometimes you just don’t know with Gnome. :)