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“Check For Updates” Will Be Displayed on G-C-C, Only If..


Check for updates” button will be visible in G-C-C (GNOME Control Center) only if you have installed GNOME Software or “gpk-update-viewer” which is part of “gnome-packagekit-updater” package -the PackageKit UI; the predecessor of gSoftware.

The patch came from Antoine Jacoutot and Bastien Nocera pushed it on master.

info: Conditionally display the “Check for updates” button

When neither gnome-software nor gpk-update-viewer are available, it does not make sense to display the “Check for updates” button.

Bastien Nocera #727819

Not something important but it shows the efforts of GNOME to respect other desktops & more distros, on upstream level. Even in the very core GNOME Modules there are many guards to check if they are running outside of GNOME, e.g Ubuntu.

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