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Join the all-new Unofficial GNOME Forums!

Hello everyone, my name’s Emily Gonyer! I’ve been involved with the GNOME Foundation for a little more than a year now as a contributor. I got started through the GNOME Outreach Program for Women which I participated in last winter, and was then a Google Summer of Code student working with Seif Lotfy & Allan […]

We just moved to a new Shiny Server :)

..power by Linux of course! We moved from a 2GB Cloud Server in Rackspace to a 32GB Dedicated in Hetzner. The paradox is that we now save around $200 each month. Rackspace is a so cool company ..but paying money from our pocket wasn’t cool at all :) Our Google ads were covering only about […]

We just “opened” our analytics with Piwik!

You know there are some pages that say “12 users online”; oh well, we go one step further and we expose our full Analytics with Piwik. The reason isn’t to see our traffic, but to check some other cool things like the systems, the browsers, the mobile devices, etc, that people use. Okay, we haven’t […]

No more distortion in WoGue

One of the great things about on-line publications of articles that concern the authors ideas or opinion, share information, spread news and promoting quality is that the readers can agree/disagree, discus further and request for more specific info about something. You can’t do this on newspapers or the TV, but you can do it on the […]

Buy GNOME Products!

One of the things that are still not available yet is a GNOME Foundation official shop that will create a very nice and honest way to get more donations and income for the benefit of our favorite desktop environment. Thankfully, for those of you who want to buy something with the GNOME logo on it, […]

Oops.. We were wrong :( – 16/07/12

Hello, Sometimes we might write things here that are totally wrong. Unfortunately this is unavoidable for easily understood reasons. But there is a way to fix it.  We’re starting these “Ooops..  We were wrong” posts to correct our mistakes.

Gnome’s Hell and Lamborghinis | Part One

I am playing with the words; Gnome’s Hell stands for Gnome Shell and I am listing the 10 worst bugs of Shell as I think they are. I am sure everyone can have his/her own list ..and even larger ;) And I write a little bit more beyond this.

We updated to 0.8 ;)

We just had an update few minutes ago to our page and the biggest change was the upgrade to the latest WP. Also we added a shortcut to activities (A) with some links inside and latest posts on our dock menu on the left. 

Some notes about our page update

We had an update today and I thought to quickly explain some concepts behind it becausel many people have commented or emailed us about our page design; so here it is. 

How to publish your Webpage in Chrome Web Store in 7mins!

Chrome is an unknown little application made by Google -an insignificant technology company-  that help us to browse World Wide Web. Currently Chrome runs in a small number of Personal Computers and Mobile Phones, in some Tablet devices and in a few TVs. Well I wasn’t completely honest, but you already know that, don’t you? […]