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Gnome Goals current situation

As Gnome 3.8 is halfway through, we all get more and more excited by the new amazing features and improvements that we are going to reap soon, but what is going on with the eleven current Gnome goals? Are we going to have a more consistent Gnome in version 3.8, or are some of the […]

Gnome Design Playground!

Gnome’s design playground is a happy place where everyone is allowed and encouraged to make a design proposal, discuss the possible problems of the idea or the implementation, and finally collaborate with others. As these ideas are not always good or very well thought out, many of them change dramatically till they get implemented, or […]

Gnome Goal: High Contrast Application Icons

Gnome desktop environment cares about being accessible from everyone to use and contribute. As 2012 is the year of accessibility for Gnome, many exciting things are happening towards the bettering of the DE on this sector. A new proposed goal concerns the logical completion of the high contrast theme with the creation and inclusion of […]

The future of the Journal extension

The Gnome Shell Journal extension allowed users to quickly find recent items like videos they’ve seen, documents they worked on and music they listened to recently. All this was done through an extra Journal tab with the items on categories in the overview till Gnome Shell 3.4. With the arrival of version 3.6 the overview […]

Gnome 3.8 features: Notification Filtering

Gnome Shell notifications are surely one of the best things that the environment has to offer, allowing users interact with them through actions, or even chatting. As the needs change from user to user though, these notifications may prove themselves somewhat burdensome as there isn’t a way to choose what should be displayed or not.

Gnome 3.8 Features: Integrate ownCloud in Gnome!

It wasn’t long till a “just a discussion” in Gnome MLs jumped as official feature for Gnome 3.8!?! The Open Desktop finally hangs the Open Cloud and Gnome once again is proud to prove that supports the Open Source, it supports the Cloud! The idea was simple, ownCloud offers the same services as Ubuntu One […]

Epiphany 3.8 gets integrated AdBlock!

So far, Epiphany has been using an extension to do the dirty work of blocking the annoying ads. The extension wasn’t working very good actually as sometimes it even blocked entire websites! Developers decided to completely rewrite the extension from scratch and make it work like it should be but still this wasn’t enough apparently […]

9 potentially New Gnome Apps!

In upcoming Gnome (3.8) we will see 4 new Apps -Videos(?), Photos, Music, Calendar. The first 3 corresponds (together with Documents) in Files Views (and an integration is expected here) while Calendar will be integrated with GS Calendar. However there are some more interdependent Apps on the table..  

Gnome 3.8 Features: Integrated Application Search

Integrated Application Search inside Gnome Shell is one more exciting feature we will see in Gnome next release in March, 27. The work has started from 3.5 cycle and Gnome Shell can already search for our cloud files (ie G. Docs). The goal is “Search in style from the Activities Overview”, and searching will be […]

Goal: Port Gnome to Python 3

A proposal from Javier Jardon has been published a few days ago on Gnome live about porting Gnome to Python 3. As of 2010, Python 2.7 is the last 2.x version that is available. Python 3 is the future of the language and all the new features and additions concern the 3 branch, while 2.x […]

Gnome Calendar and Miguel de Icaza

The upcoming Gnome Calendar App is one of the best designed Gnome Apps and I can give 3 reasons for that: Reda Lazri (the designer); it looks 100% like a WebApp; and it is based on existing templates, trying to refine them. Is it bad to copy things? As long as you don’t have to […]

Gnome 3.8 Accessibility improvements!

Accessibility is an always important factor for Gnome designers/developers. All the people of the world should be able to use and contribute to our favorite desktop environment no matter their physical disabilities. Two new accessibility oriented/related features are now discussed and initiating with the purpose of being ready for the 3.8 release. These are the […]

Panta rhei and Gnome Terminal is under design!

Since 1999 and the initial release of Gnome, Gnome Terminal was the only module that remained -almost- unaltered in time. Panta rhei (everything flows) according to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, and Gnome Terminal couldn’t be an exception. Two mockups printed today on Gnome Live and while these are very  early designs, the fact […]

Gnome Calendar latest Mockups!

Gnome 3.6 hasn’t even been released yet by the work towards to 3.8 is massive. This time I extracted the latest Gnome Calendar mockups from the experimental Gnome Git. Always keep on mind that these are very early tentative designs and there is a good chance to change, postponed for next Gnome releases or even […]

Gnome 3.8 Features: Automatic Extension Updates

Automatic Extension Updates is the third proposal for 3.8 after Fallback and Videos. This feature was originally scheduled for 3.6 but it didn’t make it and they postponed it for 3.8. Till 3.8 is out,  I guess we have to visit and update manually.

Gnome Photos preview

Gnome Photos is another new Gnome App that doesn’t exist for 3.4 and I don’t know for sure if it would be ready for 3.6, but I guess it will. What is it? Well, it is a Photos browser similar to the (upcoming) Videos browser and Gnome Documents. It can view (when ready!) local and […]