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Michael Meeks about LibreOffice 4.0

The 4rth major release of our favorite libre office suite has been released, bringing amazing new things and fundamental changes that guarantee a brighter future. Michael Meeks, who has always been an important player in the LibreOffice team, explains the technical details of the highlights of this release and shares some future plans and hopes […]

Richard Hughes about GNOME Software

Richard is famous enough but if you don’t know him yet, Richard Hughes is the creator of PackageKit. Actually, he is involved in much more GNOME software, but we just need his PackageKit specialism here. This is a short interview about the issues with applications installation under various GNOME distros. 

GNOME SysAdmin Andrea Veri about GNOME Infrastructure

Andrea Veri is one of the five SysAdmin of GNOME Web-Infrastructure and GNOME Foundation Membership Committee Chairman. If you are interested to know how GNOME Web works, what are the issues, if GNOME has been cracked and what may comes next, there you go!

Beth Hadley and the summer of GCompris!

Beth Hadley is one of the 29 students that worked for Gnome components on this year’s Google Summer of Code. She did a great job in adding a set of music learning activities that enrich the magnificent GCompris children education and playing software even further. In this interview, she talks about the experience of a […]

Giovanni explains the upcoming features in Screen Lock

Giovanni -Campax- Campagna belongs to the next generation of Gnome devs as he turns out 20 years old tomorrow (Happy Birthday)! He was one of the GSoC students, but he was involved with Gnome some time ago. His project at GSoC (Lock Screen) was his biggest accomplish (as he says) so far, but he has contributed […]

Jovovich reveals the new Gnome in its 15th birthday!

It is true that Gnome scientists work secretly many meters under the ground in mysterious projects under the protection of evil and powerful Red Umbrella Corporation. They share no information about their future plans and communication is closed. Milla Jovovich a soldier and activist of Free Software tried and succeed to expose their plans and she shares them […]

What’s up with Banshee? A quick interview with B. Lorentz!

Banshee media player is one of Gnome’s most popular and important applications that ensures the seamless playback of audio and video files in harmony with the Gnome DE. Bertrand Lorentz who is one of the main developers, offered to give us a snapshot of what is going on right now for the project and what […]

Develop Gnome Apps with Yorba’s founder Adam Dingle | Interview

The former Google’s employee and currently Executive Director of Yorba, talks about developing with Gnome and he spots the strategies that a company should use to have profit by developing Open Source Desktop Applications. Adam has an impressive bio in Google’s desktop projects and his company has already released 2 top quality Apps for Gnome; […]

Women for Gnome with Tiffany Antopolski | Interview

GNOME Women Outreach Program is fully running right now bringing new exciting things for the GNOME users as we speak. We decided to talk with Tiffany Antopolski who is one of the mentors of the program, to learn more about what is going on there. Tiffany also goes further explaining the value of documentation in […]

Elena Petrevska about new GnomeWeb | Interview

Elena Petrevska is a fresh member of GWOP* and GnomeWeb Team from Macedonia.  Recently Gnome decided to give a new look to all pages and Elena is a part of the team responsible for these changes. GnomeWeb is the mirror, the first sight of the upcoming Gnome OS and it was time to receive some attention.