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Open Funding for free software

A crowd funding platform for free software projects has reached beta state and already transmits the helping requests of various FOSS development teams.

Gnome is the most active OS project inside 550k others!

What a nice day to make some propaganda :) According to Gnome is the most actively developed open source project (inside ~560.000 other projects) for Sep 12 – Oct 12, with 4068 commits from 308 contributors! The funny part is that Gnome overcomes the runner up Chrome/Chromium, just by one single commit!

Linus Torvalds is actually back on Gnome 3!

“I have to say, things are so much better now that were one year ago, I am actually back to using Gnome 3”. This is what the impulsive Kernel programmer said this time during a Q&A chat with students at Finland’s Aalto University. Oh dear dear ..Now all the professional Journalists in ZDnet (and other Media) […]

Let your Arduino make your Coctails!

Till now robots were good for two things: helping people out in everyday tasks or destroying the planet in Hollywood movies. Well, it seems that robots are also good to make your everyday coctails ..and give you a nice hangover :) The Inebriator is a project that explains how you can build your own Robot-barman and is powered by […]

Zareason ships Gnome 3 pre-installed in Ultrabook!

Zareason is the first hardware distributor that ships Gnome3 in an Ultrabook by default! Of course they ship many Linux Desktop flavors for every possible taste! Prices start from $899 but you will need like $1200 to have a descent Ultrabook. Yes it is kinda expensive, but for the people that don’t care for an […]

WoGue readers like Firefox, Linux 64bit ..and Apple!

Because most of the people here are Gnome users, I thought to make a comparison between the Web-browsers, Operating Systems and Mobile Devices that Gnome fans use, against the more Global Statistics from other sites. However I failed to do that, as I cannot get “correct” stats from Google Analytics, so there isn’t any point […]

Would you pay 40$ a month to play Gnome Mines Online?

..43.80$ more correctly, because that’s the cost of 1GB Ram Server in Rackspace :) I was compiling a Rails App on Rackspace and it takes and hour to be completed, so I thought to spend some time and money doing stupid things. I deployed an Ubuntu 12.04, I installed GTK with Broadway support and I […]

Diaspora* Will Now Be A Community Project!

Good news Everyone! Daniel Grippi announced that Diaspora* will be  maintained by the community! Diaspora* was the most promising project for a WWW with open source social networks. It started about two years ago with 200.000$ in its Kickstarter Campaign, but somewhere on the road, it lost its momentum.

Gnome3 porting to FreeBSD!

Gnome3 isn’t working on FreeBSD or in any BSD as Gnome3 uses technologies that are not available to BSDs. I thought Gnome3 to BSD was a dead project till Juanjo Marin (Gnome Dev in Evince and A11y) mentioned a few things about BSD in Gnome’s Marketing ML. It seems that there is a FreeBSD Gnome […]

Canonical is Seeking a Name for an Ubuntu/Gnome Spin!

Alright, this is not new at all. But this time Jeremy Bicha from Ubuntu’s Gnome Team (maintainer in Gnome 3 Team ppa and in many other  projects) asked in Gnome Board and Marketing MLs to collaborate in order to find a name for an Ubuntu Gnome community spin, similar to Kubuntu, Xubuntu and others. The […]

Gnome Goals | Porting to GStreamer 1.0

As GStreamer developers work hard towards the 1.0 release, developers of Gnome modules and applications that use the multimedia framework try to finish the porting as soon as possible. Let’s take a look on the situation so far!

Gnome Outreach Yearbook 2012!

Gnome outreach yearbook is an e-book dedicated to all participants of Google Summer of Code and Gnome Women Outreach program. On this year’s book, you will find a quick interview with all interns, some personal quotes and information like Project, E-mail, Location, IRC, Mentor, Blog etc…

Gnome Shell Vs Unity ..Naah!

Getting a versus between Gnome Shell and Unity would be sooo.. typical. Instead we did exactly the opposite, we tried how they work together.  But this isn’t meant to be a review, because everything you’ll see is pretty much unstable versions. I was just fooling around with alphas and I’ll show you that there is […]

Gnome Commit Digest -Issue 197

  This week… 1778 commits, in 207 projects, by 207 happy hackers! This is gonna be our last Gnome Commit Digest. It takes a lot of time to make these, so we automated things a bit.

In search for old memories…

One of the very interesting keynotes of this year’s GUADEC will be “The History of GNOME”, by Federico Mena Quintero, Jonathan Blandford and Dave Mason. All three have been involved in GNOME practically since the beginning. The trio has gathered a lot of screenshots and stuff from the past, but they call for more from anyone […]

Oops!… I crashed it again ;)

The 30 years old pop star and  single mom has been.. Oops! wrong blog for that! What I wanted to talk about was a forgotten Gnome App known as “Oops!”. Oops is a bug report tool designed for Gnome3 by Jakub Steiner (Jimmac) about a year ago, but unfortunately didn’t -so far- make it in […]

Gnome’s Hell and Lamborghinis | Part One

I am playing with the words; Gnome’s Hell stands for Gnome Shell and I am listing the 10 worst bugs of Shell as I think they are. I am sure everyone can have his/her own list ..and even larger ;) And I write a little bit more beyond this.

Collaborative GTG: YouTube Preview!

Yesterday we printed Getting Things Gnome’s future plans and we mentioned about GTG’s cloud sync features.  What we missed was this awesome video that shows collaborative features of GTG via Jabber(XMPP) accounts.

GUADEC 2012 needs your help!

GUADEC is an acronym for the GNOME Users’ And Developers’ European Conference. Held annually in cities around Europe, GUADEC is the largest gettogether of GNOME users, developers, foundation leaders, individuals, governments and businesses in the world.