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Waka Waka (This time for Canonical)

Canonical isn’t a small company for example like Oracle. Therefore we can make some genuine fun of them from time to time. Well, and if there is any complain we will just put the post down. As long as someone here is awake ;)

My favorite GNOME Hackers for 2012 ;)

This post is about two months late and just one day after  IGNOME Valentine’s Day ..and is pure gossip ;) The girl on the left, is Karen Sandler and she is my personal favorite Gnomer for 2012!

Installing Software under GNOME3. What’s happening next?

In GNOME 3.8 many improvements already have arrived, and by watching all the previous releases, Gnomers this time will surprise us with a magnificent desktop. Gnome 3.8 focuses on Settings and Allan Day wrote once again a superb article of all changes. Is everything looking cool? Nope, there are many things that aren’t ready yet […]

Putting some depth to GNOME Shell ?

GNOME Shell is too modern to be 2D, isn’t it? Gevera had an idea to create a depth illusion through a transition, when we open Shell Overview. While this isn’t practical it could be aesthetically pleasant at least to some people. 

yes, GNOME 3 did a good deal with Touch Screens!

Why does GNOME 3 use a touch screen interface when you can’t actually run GNOME in any tablet -at least today- is a typical question. A typical answer would be, because all screens will be touch-screens by 2013-2014. And in case you want to keep things classic, GNOME will still offer you a more traditional […]