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Severed Fifth – Machines Of War (Liberate)

This guy on the left is Jono Bacon, community manager in Ubuntu and founder/member of Severed Fifth. Severed Fifth(SF) is a Thrash/Death Metal band from Okland, California and some months ago (February, 2012) released their very first professional album, Liberate.

Welcome to GimpUsers dot Com!

Two days ago it was the Gimp 2.8.2 release so I guess it is ok to keep things Gimp-ish! This time is the (English) and (German) that pull our attention. Two great pages to start with Gimp. And of course don’t miss Gimp Magazine that launches in a few days, September 5th!

yorba, a modern Gnome company!

Some days ago I had posted about the new upcoming Gnome mail application and a reader let a comment about Geary. What is Geary? A mail client app, written in Vala which seems to share many common design goals with Gnome Mail.