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Canonical is Seeking a Name for an Ubuntu/Gnome Spin!

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Jeremy Bucha said:

Ubuntu GNOME Flavor naming

At the Ubuntu Developer Summit in May, several of us that work with GNOME in Ubuntu discussed the need for a Ubuntu community derivative similar to Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and others but which will try to ship a relatively pure GNOME experience.

The traditional Ubuntu naming convention for these alternate flavors is “Gubuntu” but it seems that could cause confusion with the pronunciation of Google’s internal distribution Goobuntu. We’d like to instead use GNObuntu.

We want to run our proposed name past GNOME first to avoid the hassle and conflicts of being forced to later rename the project.


There is no reason to explain how great these news are. I was one of them that dropped Ubuntu after 6 years when Canonical decided to exclude Gnome Shell from their Distro. However I always say that Gnome needs a mainstream, popular and great Distro like Ubuntu. Well, we are closing to that point :)

I propose to call the Ubuntu Gnome derivative:

GNU = Gnome Not Ubuntu!

Don’t get mad, I was just joking :)

Gnome Marketing ML

*Important Note! There isn’t something official from Canonical yet, don’t get confused by the title, I used it because they are looking for a name and a derivative according to Canonical’s policies, in order to get an approval from Canonical as official spin. Which they will! This is an effort from Ubuntu Community so far.

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  • Arron Washington

    Wondering if this has anything to do with the “GnomeOS” announcements + presentations.

    • alex285

      Naah no conspiracy theory here. It is a Ubuntu community effort at this point!

  • sabri ünal

    I think, Ubuntu is good name, but xubuntu, lubuntu is terrible. Like, Ubuntu Studio theme is better.

    Xubuntu = Ubuntu X, or Ubuntu Xface
    Lubuntu = Ubuntu L or Ubuntu Light
    GUbuntu = Ubuntu Shell or Ubuntu GS (GS is a turkish footboal team, galatasaray :)

    Name is no metter; windows, doors, gates (ı found a bpill :p )

    • Bilbo

      Sounds nice…almost like Mercedes S or Lexus GS =) lol. . and its easier to pronounce imho

  • scotty


  • pt3

    why are they bothered, it was clear Gnome was not informing them their plans for Nautilus, let Gnome create their own distribution

    • alex285

      Because some people inside Ubuntu community like Bicha like Gnome :)

    • foobar

      Communication is normally done in a publish-subscribe fashion. Ubstream publishes, distributors subscribe and contact upstream directly in case they need something.

  • Philip Witte

    UbuGnu / Ubugnu

    As a kicker, it has ‘GNU’ in the name.

  • Thomas Shannon

    Subuntu = Shell Ubuntu

  • comment


  • jonobacon

    I don’t believe Canonical is seeking a name…this is a community project,

    • alex285

      I added this note on the bottom of the post that I clearly say it is an Ubuntu community project and not Canonical’s, some minutes after I post it. I couldn’t change the title. Was a bad title. Sorry about it.

  • Abhishek Biswal


  • mehionline

    GNU = Gnome-shell Not Unity

  • XFaCE

    Gubuntu would make sense in the tradition of Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu.
    But regarding the Gnome 3 disaster, how about Bugbuntu ? ;) *SCNR*

  • Jimmy Frydkaer Dürr

    UGBUNTU = Uses Gnome on (U)buntu

  • 2eurocents

    … because the name is the biggest of their problems and the first of their priorities. right. call it “brick”, then.

  • Pierre-Yves Luyten
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  • Projectile Vomit

    Why gnot Gnobuntu?

  • Janvitus

    GNubuntu is lol but true (GNOME NOT ubuntu)

    Foobuntu (Foo = The foot of GNOME)

  • dark4p

    Gnome + Ubuntu -> Gubuntu | Guntu | Gbuntu | Gtu

  • Aventinus

    Who are we kidding? Each and every one of these names is terrible. Let’s call it GuBunTuS(hell)

  • Erich Eickmeyer

    Seems like a duplication of efforts:

    • alex285

      They’re trying to make an official Ubuntu spin. I guess Ubuntu Remix authors will move to this.

  • sdfkjdlsf

    gnu actually sounds like a good name

  • yocran

    screw recursive acronyms and shit like that

  • rompo

    G-Buntu – (Gangsta Ubuntu)


      So how about a spin on your idea. Instead of the Goo/Gu-buntu, Sound out the “G” and lets call it “Geebuntu”. Wait, on second thought. I like Gubuntu the best :)

  • drei

    GnomeOS :P

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  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    GSU or Gubuntu

  • blippe

    Gnubuntu was renamed to Goobuntu. Sadly it was dropped. Goobuntu it is!