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Candy Thief and Avoid Overview extensions

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Candy Thief

Candy thief just changes the look of Shell’s confirmation pop-ups that have overly rounded corners. It does preserve round corner design but uses a much smaller corner radius.


To install this extension in your system, simply turn the switch to “ON”

Candy Thief GS Extension

Avoid Overview

Avoid overview extension avoids the overview mode when closing the last window in a workspace. The hotspots and super button still work as intended. It makes sense and is useful when using icons on the desktop.

To install this extension in your system, simply turn the switch to “ON”

Avoid Overview GS Extension

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  • iuv

    The Avoid Overview plug-in also makes sense when you have a window that on closing spawns an other window like tigervnc viewer. In this situation is better that on closing the last window you will remain on the last desktop and not go into overview.

  • Philip Witte

    Related improvements I think Shell should make:

    – Start in Applications Overview mode.
    – When no windows open, Overview goes straight to Applications.
    – When all windows close, don’t got to overview (like the extension), UNLESS there is minimized windows.
    – Change the default Theme to be something more like Freeze. At very least, make the topbar & popups slightly transparent.

    • alex285

      On the second “-“, if you have a workspace with some windows open, but you are on the next workspace with no windows. Do you know that you can “gesture up/down” to go in previous/next workspace? Gesture isn’t working yet (you have to drag a lot currently). So I don’t consider good idea to open Apps right away. Also the first app I usually open in an empty workspace is more often something from Favorites.

      • Philip Witte

        I didn’t understand what you meant by “Gesture Up/Down” and “Gesture isn’t working yet”. Do you mean the Ctrl-Alt-Up/Down shortcuts?
        Also, Favorites menu is visible in App Overview. All of your other menus as well (like Calendar, etc), so I just think it makes sense as a starting place, seeing as before you can do anything, you’ve got to launch an App of some kind.

        • alex285

          In Overview “Grab” and “Drag” the free space, up and down.

          • Philip Witte

            woah, cool. Never new you could do that :) thanks

  • sramkrishna

    aww.. that was my bug that implemented the overview feature when the last app is closed on the workspace :P