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Break free with Miro!

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Having used previous versions of Miro in the past, I must say I was amazed by the progress that this application has done in version 5. It is and feels a lot faster and more responsive than it used to be, and is a lot more polished, coherent and beautiful than anything else of its kind.

Internet TV

I installed and tried Miro again because I needed a web TV application, so I will start from there. Miro offers YouTube integration, hulu, PBS and ClearBits by default. If you want, you can easily add the URL of your favorite web TV station, like I did with ET1 for example.


You can search, find, download and listen to any podcast and even set the automatic download of new episodes of your favorite podcasts! How cool is that?


You want to buy stuff? You won’t have to leave Miro to do so…Going one step ahead of every Linux player, Miro offers Amazon MP3 store, Amazon Appstore for Android, Google play and eMusic!


Whatever you see, listen, search and find is, or at least can be downloaded. YouTube videos, podcasts, whatever you buy from stores and even the video search tool that is included offers to download any of the results to your hard drive.


Connecting your iPhone, Android device, or just your camera to install, upload, download or convert files is a piece of cake with Miro.

Music / Video playing

Miro is also a great HD video and music player. It scans your local hard drive and automatically downloads info like album art and album release date. This allows for the easier management of your collection, and offers a beautiful optical result when searching for videos. You can also add tags like movies, clips, podcasts etc for better video collection management.


What I believe to be the killer feature of Miro desktop use tools, is the amazing conversion abilities for audio and video files. Kudos to Miro developers for that!


I tested Miro 5 RC2 and it worked fast and stable. I was really amazed about that. The abilities of this application go beyond of the average user’s requirements. Miro is a really wonderful multimedia library management application that will free the hands of many users that are now getting their daily multimedia in a different way. You should definitely give Miro a try not matter what!

Download Miro

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  • Guest

    What exactly had this to do with the “Gnome World”?

    • alex285

      hmm? what you mean?

      • Guest

        I mean this Blog is known under the name “World of Gnome”. I try to connect Miro with Gnome stuff, but I don’t know how. So why is this here? Why it’s a Gnome (GTK, Clutter, …) thing. I try to structur things in my mind.

        • alex285

          We show apps that run under Gnome, as long as they are open. I mean Gnome as Gnome OS

    • Bill_Toulas

      This site is dedicated to “all things GNOME”, but while GNOME is a desktop environment that comes with a lot of applications that are capable of doing many every-day tasks, all of GNOME users need more applications to cover more advanced or special needs that they naturally have. This is why we, woGue try to cover these needs by more “out of the GNOME core” articles like this one. 

  • Karmktoucan

    Is there any intergation with gnome-shell?

    • Bill_Toulas

      There are no extensions or any kind of work done towards the integration of Miro in GNOME Shell, but believe me, Miro doesn’t need any kind of integration to be perfectly usable in the GNOME Shell environment

  • Bakogiannis George

    I ‘ve been looking for an application that works with ERT WebTV. Good job pointing this out!

  • sgtconker1r

    ATHF ftw!

    • Bill_Toulas


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