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Boom! Transparency for GNOME Terminal Is Now Available on Fedora 20/GNOME 3.12!


This change is not supposed(?) to come for GNOME 3.14, but the amazing guys of Fedora/GNOME 3.12 Copr, included a downstream patch!

Fedora 20 installations that use GNOME from Copr, they should already have the update. Just check on your Terminal settings :)

Read more at Ray’s post!

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  • Heiko

    Maybe I’m wrong but Derbashi writes in that blog post that the transparent patch is a downstream patch because it was rejected by the gnome terminal maintainer.

    • alex285

      Yeap you are right, my bad, thanks for pointing this out!

  • hoschi_disqus

    I tried to figure this out on the original blog post, but my comment seems to be hold back.

    The current maintainer has removed the background-transparency for no reason, he just personally didn’t use it. This is bad, because gnome-terminal is a public project and the underlying vte-library is used by many terminal-emulators. In the later disucssion Allan Day responded as representative for the maintainer, that there were memory-leaks – this was never proven.

    You can read the most, but not all, of this story here:

    In the meantime the maintainer also deprecated the necessary function in the vte-library, which also brings every other terminal-emulator in serious problems (xfce, shakura, quake-style-stuff and so on):

    This function is now removed from the current development branch. But maybe there is hope! It looks like the API of vte gets modernized and the maintainer has finally changed his mind. The current development version has a modified function:
    It takes now a GdkRGBA as argument -> A for Alpha!

    Maybe this is the reason, why the patch is not accepted for upstream?

    PS: I don’t want blame the maintainer. This doesn’t help anybody. Personally I have to say, that the removal of the transparency and was just bad.

  • bot

    thank you gnmoe3 team!!!