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Bijiben ..or just Gnome Notes?

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About Bijiben

Bijiben is a small note editor, trying to implement features as close as possible to

The main view tries to stick to the most important : notes. As such,user can view content from the most recent notes just opening the main window. To easier lookup, notes can be either coloured, and / or tagged with words. (The same tags used by Tracker and appearing in Nautilus). The search bar allows to look-up notes according to their titles, content,or tags.

The note editor focus on a simple editing bar allowing to format the text, copy and paste. An additional gear menu proposes to undo, redo or use lists inside the note.

It will be possible to import Tomboy or Gnote notes. It’s currently the case when Bijiben start for the first time (all notes imported). Exporting to this format is not yet possible. It’s possible to drag and drop text to the main window to create note quickly. An experimental feature is to drop a picture link to the note.

Bijiben in Action!

The notes can be searched from the gnome-shell activities overview and might appear on gnome-activity-journal [this part is not decided yet,it’s currently the case]. Sharing the note & synchronizing notes with gnome-online-accounts are on the todo list.

Technically, Bijiben is very lazy! It uses webkit for the note edition and several widgets coded for gnome-documents [gtk-clutter]. Hosted on git, it’s both possible to build it directly from a recent platform, as fedora 18 beta, or to use jhbuild from a more stable platform.

Bijiben still needs testers & contributors, so feel free to try!

Why isn’t Gnome Notes

I’m more or less learning everything, & I had no idea it could be feasible  to integrate Gnome. Actually it became the idea – even if Bijiben is not “the official” note editor, I want it to be integrated in terms of UI and maybe part of the desktop apps if possible. Future will tell.

by  Pierre-Yves Luyten


You can pick colors for every note so you can visually categorized your notes.

You can set lists, Bullets and Tags.

Pierre has even used the new text selections of Gnome, which are currently under design! You can also sent directly a Note with your default email client. However format (ie a list) brakes.


First of all this is an Alpha Software, isn’t stable (it often crashes -at least in my case) and it cannot be compared to alternatives that exists for years. But, if you need nothing more than making quick notes this is definitely for you! Visually is quite pretty, has some nice transitions and is super practical!

I think that Pierre has all the skills to work to the original Gnome Notes App :)


Unfortunately there isn’t a ready package and that means you have to compile it from sources. If you are running a Fedora 18[1] you are lucky as every dependency exists in Fedora repos. If you can’t install it in other distros you might need to build it with JHBuild.

[1] If  Bijiben won’t run & complain “no g_type_init” or something close  the workaround to avoid having to jhbuild is to add g_type_init () on /src/bjb-bijiben.c, line 262

Bijiben *
bijiben_new (void)
g_type_init ();
return g_object_new (BIJIBEN_TYPE_APPLICATION,
"application-id", "org.gnome.bijiben",

Get Bijiben from GitHub 

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