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Bijiben Now Uses A GTK Popover On Editor Toolbar

I think that Bijiben (or GNOME Notes) is an application that constantly gains popularity, even if it is simpler compared to other note-apps. Pierre-Yves Luyten (Bijiben maintainer), made (few days ago) a really nice change on Editor Menu.

EditorToolbar: use GtkPopover

EditorToolbar is no more a ClutterActor. There is no more animation but Popover uses standard theming.
Also, magnifier could be implemented.

Pierre-Yves Luyten (patch)

Previously when GTK Popovers weren’t available yet (Popovers came late on GTK+ 3.12 devel cycle), Pierre had implemented a similar functionality by using the Clutter Toolkit.


On the GTK+ Popovers age..


The look and feel is so good, that I won’t get surprised if GEdit team adopt this as well on their menus. Actually I won’t get surprised if every context menu (eg. Nautilus Right Click) will port to GTK Popover.

GTK Popovers can float on every position, e.g right, as normal menus.

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