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Bijiben just arrived in Gnome Git!

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Bijiben just did Gnome better-at least for me!

Song: Grand Siedle | Louise

Song is totally irrelevant, but piano is always nice ..Dedicated to Louise, whoever she is!

Congratulations to Pierre for his amazing work!

Installation | I am not sure if there are some distro-packages, I think not.. So you have to compile it from sources at the moment.

Get it @

*hmm seems I used a wrong wp account :)

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  • Χρήστος Τριανταφύλλης

    Where i can contact Pierre-Yves Luyten?

    • alex285

      mailed, if you’re using real disqus email!

      • Χρήστος Τριανταφύλλης


  • Frank

    I’d rather see someone improve Tomboy/Gnote. It’s a solid note-taking app that has such big potential for improvements…

  • Pau Iranzo

    I would propose not asking for the title when you click on ‘New’. I would make the title on the top bar clickable so it can be directly changed from there (yes, like google docs, simpler).

    • sllih

      Another option is to take opening line of a note and use it as a title. Though a title will be displayed twice (top toolbar and in note text), it’s really straightforward to edit as part of text body. I’m not sure why designers wants text labels below text notes.

  • pictuga
    • alex285

      Thanks for submitting!

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  • Diogo Campos

    Then we have: Files, Web, Contacts, Documents, Boxes, Clocks, Photos, Videos, Calculator, Chat, and now, Notes.

    …And I need just the Mail application (first world problem) :P

  • foobar

    Looks nice. I’m personally not a fan of TODO apps. None of them is a match for a simple text file. However, this app looks pretty much as what I’m doing now: A directory including several todo-textfiles for different topics. I like it.

    • JJ

      This is not TODO. This is notes app.

    • alex285

      I am doing the same, and I end up with many gedit tabs. Then I open a js file with gedit.. and it’s getting messy. Really nice app for my tastes. Plus I don’t need to open nautilus for looking my notes.

  • Moritz

    Will it support handwriting via wacom tablets? would be awesome!