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Become a Screenshot Master with Shutter!

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You can do 5 different kinds of capturing. You can capture your desktop, a specific area, a single window, a menu or tooltip and a website. This covers every possible capturing need so I think there is no point in analyzing it further.


This is were Shutter displays its main power! You can do a lot of editing with the standard tools that you are given, forming your screenshots to your liking. There are several PlugIns included by default that will help you on this task. The main editing abilities include the adding of text, arrows, rectangles and ellipses, the ability to censor parts of a screenshot with pixelization, auto-increment shaping and cropping. On the following screeshots I made an editing example using the 3d reflection plugin. (click images for larger)


Shutter’s sharing abilities complete a story of an almost perfect screenshot tool. You can immediately upload and share your screenshots in the following image hosting services:

  • ImageShack
  • ImmiO
  • UbuntuPics
  • Omploader
  • Imgur
  • ITmages
  • Minus
  • TwitPic
  • ImageBanana
  • ToileLibre

You can either set up your account on these services, or upload anonymously.

Ease of use and configurability

Shutter is relatively easy to use, but it could use a more ergonomic graphical user interface. I didn’t really had trouble finding anything, but I believe there is much room for improvement especially in the accessibility of the tools and some special but every-day settings like the delay setting for example.

Download Shutter

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