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Barriers, Smooth Scrolling, OSDs in GNOME 3.8

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GNOME Effects

Okay, I am copying this from Google Effects, but GNOME has also its very own strong subconscious points.

  • 1. TopLeftHotspot: You login in Windows? You tap Top-Left edge of your screen. You login in Unity?  You still tap Top-Left edge of your screen. You just can’t help it :)
  • 2. AltTab: Windows Overview has overtaken the classic AltTab way to switch Apps. To be honest in that also helped the very bad GNOME 3 AltTab behavior, but still this isn’t the main reason, I think!
  • 3. Pressure Tray: Yesterday I said to Jasper; “every time I am in 3.6 I can’t stop trying to open the Tray by hitting it fast”. Yep!,  GNOME 3.8 brings another “bad” habit ;)

Barriers, Smooth Scrolling, OSD

This is a video that shows:

  • 1. Barriers Visualization in Notification Tray
  • 2. Smooth Scrolling in Volume. Smooth Scrolling works in many other components but my mouse doesn’t support it, where my keyboard does. Both Logitech.
  • 3. OSDs in Overview. A work mainly by Florian Mullner. I had wrote in a previous post that OSD’s weren’t visible, but Florian fixed that 2 days after that post, and I am correcting it now.


To use this blue/grey visualization in bottom you need to download the Tray Pressure Visualizer Extension by Jasper.

Also you can find out more about his work in Barriers in his blog:

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  • hashem

    I love these videos. Keep ’em coming! Any chance they can be posted on the official gnome youtube page too?

    • alex285

      I think we should make more quality, and not much time :(

  • Remjg

    Pressure sensitivity is a great feature but I’m struggling with my touchpad… I think too much pressure is required to trigger the activities overview and the message tray. Of course, everyone must have a different opinion about it ;-)

    Is there a way to configure the pressure sensitivity?

    • alex285

      Hmm you need to hack into shell code, is easy thought. Check here:

      • alex285

        After applying the changes, just restart shell Alt+F2 + “r” .
        And the path is:

        • Remjg

          I was about to say I found the path ;-) Thank you!

          • Remjg

            I divided the “pressure_threshold” values by two, it works now like a charm for me. It’s nice to see how easy it is to change these values but I guess it will be even simpler when an extension will be out ;-)

          • alex285

            If you found default values not working for you, don’t hesitate to file a bug. However I know that they will possible change this to dynamic values. Oh and don’t forget that in next Shell update you will lose your changes ;)

          • Remjg

            I have opened a bug report (with many English mistakes after reading it again…):

            I works perfectly with a mouse but with a touchpad, it is such a pain to open the message tray. I hope my feedback will help.

  • Mathias Rudolf

    Will the pressure sensitivity effect Ubuntu 13.04?

    • alex285

      Ubuntu 13.04 won’t include Gnome 3.8 at all. You can still get it with PPAs or even better with Ubuntu Gnome spin (+PPAs again)

      • JJ

        Even with ppas pressure sensitivity will not land in ubuntu. You need a later edition X for that.

        • alex285

          Are you sure? I think that Ubuntu 13.04 ships the very latest XServer. But even if not, there are PPAs that Ubuntu Gnome 3 team I am sure that will refer them, if barriers don’t work.

          • hells_dark

            I so would like to have pressure sensitivity on Ubuntu. Nothing at the moment…

          • JJ

            Ubuntu 13.04 won’t get Xorg 1.14.


            And you need that for pressure sensitivity to work. My current ubuntu gnome RR install work similar to 3.6. Time for move to a diff distro.

          • Mathias Rudolf

            Okay, that’s the end of the chance to get a userfriendly nearly vanilla gnome distro with the background of Ubuntu. I really love Gnome 3.8 with the extra PPAs, but I guess, this is just the beginning of being left behind. I guess Gnome won’t have the manpower to provide and maintain every second package in the future, just because Canonical says: “Oh, no, we guess, we will make a fork of this and that, and a new display server, and a new… we don’t know yet, but it will be very useless, because… eh… we just don’t care!”

  • kostaskaz

    Thanks for showcasing the new features in such a great way. Didn’t know about smooth scolling in volume until now, going to be great with my keyboard’s almost analogue volume control.

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