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Baobab gets redesigned!

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In Baobab, you choose the disk you want to analyze and wait for the application to do the necessary scan.

After the scanning is finished the results are shown in a circular chart. Every part of the chart represents a different folder or file. The size of the parts is proportional to the size of the folder. You can click a part of the chart or a folder on the left to go deeper and see what is inside a specific folder.

You can also choose a different kind of chart that gives a more rectangular representation of your files/folders.

Although this is just a small utility that most people won’t use very often, it is nice to see that some work is  being done on smaller parts and tools of our favorite desktop environment!

You will enjoy the redesigned Baobab in Gnome 3.6…

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  • Nimmerwoner

    While I don’t use it often, I actually do love it. I use it when I’m running out of disk space and want to find where the biggest files / folders are. This is a really useful program

  • Bob

    It would be nice to be able to use baobab to see the sizes of files within a folder.