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AwOken 2.5 gets more color!

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The AwOken icon set is distinguished for the clean design of the icons that provide a solid and coherent look for every app and tool found in your system. Moreover, the icons can be customized using the provided script that offers the ability to change folders and even colorize the icons with whatever color you want.



To install the AwOken iconset in your system, simply download and unzip the three files under ~/.icons . If the folder doesn’t exist yet, you should create it. For more details about this you can read our comprehensive guide on how to theme Gnome 3.

If you had a previous version installed, it is recommended that you completely remove it from the .icons folder or from /usr/share/icons/AwOken. More details about the installation and the customization abilities can be found in the pdf file included in the downloaded files.

  AwOken   AwOken Dark   AwOken White

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  • Khurshid Alam

    My favorite icon theme! Much better than Faenza (I can not stand faenza’s square shape icon).

  • Gianni Battista

    I think you should correct this “and unzip the three files under /home/.icons” in “and unzip the three files under /home//.icons .”

    • alex285

      Thanks, I edit that!