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New Year’s Eve Gifts from Desura! (finished)

The holidays are on the way or already here for most of us, so free time is becoming a reality for everyone again. How about spending this time with some great games? Desura is kindly offering game titles presents to 5 lucky WoGue readers! All you have to do is choose your favorite title and […]

Bijiben just arrived in Gnome Git!

Boom indeed! Bijiben made it in official Gnome Git yesterday (or today depending your time-zone!). Bijiben is a simple note editor for Gnome inspired by Gnome Notes mockups and implemented by Pierre-Yves Luyten. This little app is more than amazing, it’s in my top five Gnome Apps in use! I won’t describe a thing, you can […]

We just moved to a new Shiny Server :)

..power by Linux of course! We moved from a 2GB Cloud Server in Rackspace to a 32GB Dedicated in Hetzner. The paradox is that we now save around $200 each month. Rackspace is a so cool company ..but paying money from our pocket wasn’t cool at all :) Our Google ads were covering only about […]

We just “opened” our analytics with Piwik!

You know there are some pages that say “12 users online”; oh well, we go one step further and we expose our full Analytics with Piwik. The reason isn’t to see our traffic, but to check some other cool things like the systems, the browsers, the mobile devices, etc, that people use. Okay, we haven’t […]

Gnome 3.6 is Officially Out!

GNOME 3.6 is the latest update to GNOME 3 and represents 6 months of work by the GNOME Project. It delivers a number of major new features, including a reworked Activities Overview, updated message tray and notifications, an enhanced Files application, as well as improved accessibility support and integrated input sources for using different languages.

Win a copy of Sacred Gold for Linux! (finished)

Take part on the first ever contest by woGue, and win a free copy of the Linux Games Publishing Sacred Gold RPG game! Sacred Gold was initially released in 2004 for Windows and was ported to Linux by LGP in 2009. Lately it became the newest member of Desura Linux game list, and you now […]

Raise ’em with PokerTH!

Playing poker under Gnome is a relatively hard situation. There are almost no GTK poker clients, and those who are lack many things. The good news is that we can use the Qt based PokerTH just fine! PokerTH has been around for 6 years now making it a mature application that keeps the poker linux […]

Gimp 2.8.2 runs native in Mac OS X!

Gimp is the most Gnomish module and the father of GTK. GTK (Gimp Tool-Kit) created in 1997 (before Gnome) to  facilitate the development of GIMP. The same year (1997) that Gimp (which released in 1996 -v0.54) became part of GNU Project. Sixteen years later, Gimp with 2.8.2 release, makes it to native run in the most […]