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Fedora Utils: An overview

Fedora Utils lets you install codecs and additional software that Fedora doesn’t want to ship, like MP3 codecs, Adobe Flash, Oracle Java etc.

GTK themes compatible with GTK+ 3.10

I recently tested some of the themes available on Gnome-Look and deviantArt for their compatibility with GTK+ 3.10. Here is the list of themes I found :)

Nord theme updated for Gnome Shell 3.8

Nord (French. North) is a highly polished and attractive light theme for Gnome Shell. The attention to the details is impressive. The theme is a WOW in every aspect.

State propagation changes in GTK+ widgets

A recent commit in GTK+ by Alexander Larsson changes the state propagation in GTK+ widgets. Though everything seems to be working fine currently, it may require some changes in GTK+ themes.

Elegance Colors updated with loads of new features!

Elegance Colors started as just a chameleon theme for Gnome Shell, changing colors according to the current GTK theme, current wallpaper or a user defined color. But then I decided to give more options, and then there was a GUI to tweak the theme. And the latest release is a big step in that direction. […]

Make your own Gnome Shell theme with Elegance Colors

I posted about Elegance Colors before. It is a chameleon theme for Gnome Shell which can change colors according to the current GTK theme, current wallpaper (uses imagemagick to get color) or a user defined color. Today I have updated it with some new features (and bug fixes too). The most notable feature is that […]

Faience now available for Gnome 3.6 with gorgeous GTK3 theme

So here is a present from tiheum, who created the beautiful Faenza icons! The Faience Gnome Shell theme is quite great and very popular. And recently it was updated to work with Gnome Shell 3.6. tiheum also released a beautiful GTK3 theme for GTK3.6 along with the updated Shell theme. The themes keep up to […]

Evolve GTK theme updated for GTK3.6

Evolve is a simple and minimal light theme designed to be easy on the eyes. It sports a metalic grey color and smooth transition effects. It was recently ported to GTK3.6 and a couple of updates soon followed. Evolve includes a GTK2 theme using the murrine engine, a GTK3 theme, a metacity theme and a […]

Y PPA Manager – Manage your PPAs efficiently in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro, and a large portion of it goes towards the availability of apps. Ubuntu has made it so much easy to distribute apps, and PPAs play a vital role in it. PPAs (Personal Package Archives) are personal repositories for various packages built and hosted on Launchpad. As much as […]

Installing Fedora 18 Nightly Build

I recently tried out the Fedora 18 Nightly Build to see what’s new! The most visible change was the completely new Anaconda Installer. The installer is the first thing a user sees and uses when he tries a new distro for the first time. Hence it is a very important part of the distro and […]

Making GTK3 themes – Part 4: Porting GTK2 themes

This is the 4th post from the “Making GTK3 themes” series. The older posts can be found here, here and here. Gnome 2 had some really great themes. And now we miss them with GTK3. Porting is not that much hard, but still, not that easy. But with some little tricks, you can ease porting […]

Cinnamon 1.6 brings new features and applets!

Cinnamon is a Gnome Shell fork which uses Muffin as it’s Window manager (a mutter fork). It is the default Shell used in Linux Mint. Cinnamon 1.6 was released yesterday featuring many new customization options and bug fixes. It now has a smaller code base and a 2D session (suitable only for troubleshooting for now). […]

Gnome Shell 3.6 beta on Ubuntu – first impressions

Few days ago I installed Gnome Shell 3.5.91 in my Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal beta setup. and I’ve a mixed feeling about the new version of Gnome Shell, which is going to be called as Gnome Shell 3.6. This new version introduces many changes and improvements and is definitely worth an upgrade. So I’m sharing […]

Elegance and Elegance Colors Gnome Shell themes updated for Gnome 3.6

Elegance is a clean and dark theme for Gnome Shell, which may appeal to those fond of dark themes and simplicity. Elegance Colors is a chameleon theme for Gnome Shell and can change colors according to the current GTK theme, current wallpaper (uses imagemagick to get color), or a user defined color. It also comes […]

Making GTK3 themes – Part 3: The dark side

This is a follow up post from the “Making GTK3 themes” series. The first post can be found here and  the second post can be found here. So in the last post we went through the basics of the gtk.css and gtk.widgets.css files. Customizing the CSS file is up-to you. Pickup your Favorite theme and start […]

Customizing GTK themes just got easier!

You may think or imagine that customizing GTK themes requires special knowledge and a lot of time, but with my new tool it just got easier than ever! Here is a gtk theme configure tool that allows users to change some basic elements of a GTK theme (both GTK2 and GTK3) using a simple interface. […]

Making GTK3 themes – Part 2: The gtk.css and gtk-widgets.css files

This is the second post from the “Making GTK3 themes”series. The first post can be found here. We will name our theme as “Dream”. So create a directory named “Dream” under “~/.themes” and then create another directory named “gtk-3.0” under “~/.themes/Dream/gtk-3.0”. All the files we create will be inside this directory.

Add custom search buttons in Gnome Shell overview

Gnome Shell lets you search Google or Wikipedia directly from the overview. It is cool. Isn’t it? Did you ever wonder about how can you add your own search providers? It is not that hard. With little effort you can add your own search providers.

Elegance Colors – A customizable chameleonic theme for Gnome Shell

Elegance Colors is a dark Gnome Shell theme made by me. The cool thing about Elegance Colors is that it is Chameleonic. If you ever used Ubuntu’s Unity, then you will see how it changes colors depending on the wallpaper color. Apart from taking color from the wallpaper, Elegance Colors can also pick color from the […]