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Another 4 New Things For Inspector Including HiDPI & Touch Per App!

Lapo Calamandrei does a fantastic work  in GTK theme for 3.14, Carlos Garnacho does the touch screen support and Matthias Clasen does all the rest, showing special care for GTK+ Inspector. Obviously more people are patching GTK!

The last 24hrs we have four new things from Matthias regarding GtkInspector.


Inspector now shows the property and settings bindings in property editor.


Also, Inspector can now simulate touch screen or change the window scaling (HiDPI) per application!

Touch screen simulation can be enabled by command line too


Matthias added a new flag that has the same effect as the GTK_TEST_TOUCHSCREEN environment variable, but can be toggled at runtime.


For scaling windows from command line (ie factor 2)


Starting Inspector

Inspector is part of GTK+ 3.14, so if you have GNOME 3.14 you have it pre-installed. To launch it

A. Shortcuts

Shift+Ctrl+i  (Inspector)


Shift+Ctrl+d  (Debugger)

B. Command Line

 GTK_DEBUG=interactive the-gtk-app


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