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Animated Notifications in Lock Screen for GNOME 3.10

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This is how lock screen is designed to look like in GNOME 3.10


In action..

The news are that those (currently mock-up) designs have started to be implemented. Giovanni Campagna submitted the first patch, which is far from final at the time.

Showing the new message at full size marks an abrubt change and looks bad. Instead, gradually animate from 0px to full natural height. Includes hacks to workaround flickering scrollbars while the animation is in progress.

This one is a better patch. At least it doesn’t crash like the previous one :)

Still, this is slow as hell, and I have the st-box-shadow optimizations.

You can check more at GNOME Wiki

Application Picker Refresh

I guess you already have seen this one year’s old Application Picker mockup, that implies that Applications are stored into the 9-dot icon (3-dot in the bellow mockup).

Florian Mullner (core Gnome Shell developer) and Carlos Soriano Sánchez (GNOME contributor and the person who’s working on this) let us know through GNOME’s Google Community Page that those designs might come soon.

The animations really looks impressive, but because GNOME  wants to keep a low-profile in all transitions and not having lots of moving things involved, this might not land. However the designs are from Jakub -jimmac- Steiner senior GNOME Designer.


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  • spike Crush

    I have to say I’m impressed!

    • Magneira

      yeah, me too. Gnome 3 is slowly turning out to be the most beautiful, minimalistc and fast ux i’ve seem.

    • Michael Mistretta

      I like the new overview animation, it’s actually quite nice. It would be a shame for it not to be introduced into gnome shell.

      I don’t think eye candy is a huge deal but that is pretty nice eye candy.

  • Khurshid Alam

    Nice.But it would look lot better if a native twitter app providing notification. I can’t believe there is no mention of a social app(twitter , facebook) in Gnome-Core-Apps section ( ! And We are living in 2013.

    • arti

      i don’t know about twitter but Chromium does display Google Plus and Google Hangouts notifications on gnome lock screen

      • Khurshid Alam

        It does. But you need to keep open chromium(>200MB) all the time. Besides Google+ doesn’t have any api. So Gnome-Dev can’t develop a native app for G+. But they can do that for twitter(at least). In almost every modern OS we have some twitter client; why not Gnome?

    • Mike Manilone

      There is a library called libsocialweb. The only problem is a lack of a usable client ;-)
      BTW. Have you tried Gwitter or Pino?

      • Khurshid Alam

        I did. On Ubuntu I am using Polly.

  • Carlos Guedes Valente

    Are these animations for kids tablets? Don’t you guys think that Gnome3 as a De, is childhood enough? We love Linux mainlly because of the freedom to work with all features from Linux, Gnome2+Compiz (the best DE ever on Linux world where I can change my fonts on all components…). Since gnome3, I started working with others DE and even hating ubuntu I enjoy and prefer cinnamon right now… If you are developing for tablets (finger oriented) then gnome3 looks barely simply as bad, but for desktop/laptop computers… Please! Give me a break.

    • Craig

      I really wish people would stop saying “we” as if they speak for someone besides just themselves. This is just your own personal (pretty fringe) opinion. That’s all — no “we” necessary.

      • Carlos Guedes Valente

        Maybe “we” are much more that “you” who think gnome3 is in deep an evolution… This is not my own personal (pretty fringe) opinion. It’s a mass opinion, from thousands of users, even Linus Torvalds… Thanks any way, for your (pretty advanced) correction :)

        • Jiří Eischmann

          Well, there are thousands of users who like GNOME 3 and I never use “we” when I say I like GNOME. I think that was his point.

    • Jkro

      Well I think you’re blind or lack any aesthetic sense if you think compiz looked better, but if you like it, just use it, and be happy. It’s abundantly obvious that you are merely a troll when you that you enjoy and prefer one desktop and then bash another.

      • Carlos Guedes Valente

        It seems that you are a very updated and also an expertise on this issues… Calling other trolls, why?… Do you even know or already user gnome2+compiz? For how long time and what did you did? And please, don’t loose your time answering me if you can’t say anything more, than presenting your self as an super updated and hi-tech guy :)

        • Jkro

          Are you serious? Gnome and compiz were the major linux desktop prior to gnome 3. Of course I used it, I’ve been using linux since redhat 7.2 and gnome (1, 2 and 3) along with it. Do you think gnome users don’t remember or didn’t use compiz? Have you used it? I mean honestly, yes probably most people that use gnome 3 have used gnome 2 and compiz, and many for a long time. In fact I tried every gimmick that compiz, beryl or compiz fusion had but in the end only the expo, scale and window focus capabilities were even beneficial. Mostly compiz was a buggy, choppy beta-ware replacement for metacity that often crashed and caused more harm than help. And any of the beautifications were even poor because the anti-aliasing was just abysmal.

          So now, why do I call you a troll? Like I said, if you’re happy with what you are using, then why come here and complain about what other people using? It makes no sense. Does gnome 3’s success harm you some how? Is that why you are tearing it down? If you like cinnamon so much go use it and be happy, no body here is going to bother you about it because we’re all plenty happy with gnome 3.

  • kenbw2

    Do we really need all that bouncing? Especially on the notification bar.

    Also, those animations look way too smooth to be realistic for Gnome Shell

    • Luya Tshimbalanga

      That is why there is dconf-editor for those wishing to customize the animation. In addition, what Craig said.

    • Domagoj Bet

      Yeah. The animations to me seem way to bouncy and obtrusive. It should be a bit more subtle and elegant, not gimicky and childish, IMHO. :)

  • Domagoj Bet

    I find it very interesting that they already had all of these changes in mind back in 2011 which is evident from this video.

    Files also looks completely different in it; is that what they are aiming for? Possibly so considering that much of the stuff in the video has already been slowly implemented.

  • Carlos Soriano Sánchez


    For the shell app picker relayout, in fact a new video from Jakub is alread uploaded to youtube. To see the current state of the design:

    Since it is from a gnome core designer, I will do that, and just that, so all of this(animations included) will be landed (if all goes fine! =) ) and yes, Do that is possible with clutter, and in consequence it is possible to do in gnome shell (althougth the graphics cards skip some frames and animations can’t be more smooth than the graphics cards allow)

    If you see too much animations, don’t worry, we are working on that just now, and it is in a very early state, feedback will be discussed with the design team when implemented and we will adjust all these things.

  • Dread Knight

    I actually love the sort of random move-in icons animation from the application picker :P

  • Horacio Chagas

    Well done guys. Looks very nice, can’t wait to try this!

  • Jonathan

    That’s great ! I want to use it right now !