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An Update On Fedora 20 & GNOME 3.12

Previously there were 100+ discussions about the choice of Fedora 20 to upgrade or not GNOME from version 3.10 to 3.12. The issues for this transition are mostly concerning Fedora documentation updates, UI changes, API/ABI incompatibilities and other smaller factors. Adding on these, the strict Fedora updates policies, that transition was looking near impossible.

At some point the discussions stopped, and Richard Hughes about that time created a repository in Copr, that lets users to upgrade their GNOME from upstream. Since then, there were no more news about the future of GNOME 3.12 in Fedora 20.

Today, Matthias Clasen opens the discussion again:

Considering GNOME 3.12 as an F20 update


so the time has come to consider this – thanks to the great work of Richard and Kalev on the copr, we have a set of 3.12 packages that have already received fairly wide testing.

But we should be careful, so I want to ask for concrete problem reports with the copr packages, besides dependency problems caused by the parallel nature of the copr itself.

Did any of your gnome-shell extensions break ?

Did you experience crashes or other serious problems with applications ?

If so, please let us know on the desktop list. If I don’t hear of major problems by next week, I’ll file a Fesco ticket to ask for an exception.

This mail was posted just a few minutes ago, and it already has 17 responses.


That actually doesn’t change anything yet, it is just an open discussion for the time, but I am posting it more or less as an update for the people that are wondering what’s going on with Fedora 20 and GNOME 3.12 thing..

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    its good they should include it in F20 .