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An Introduction To Russian Fedora

Russian Fedora – is the Russian community of Fedora. We make our life easier and better!

  • We are making and supporting packages in Fedora, which people of planet earth can easily use. This is our five cents for open technologies development.
  • We are translating & distributing Fedora and related projects to Russian language, we are collecting documentation for it & we organize events. This is our contribution to what closest to Fedora for Russian users is.
  • We are helping people to join world-wide projects, that may grow up and become the leading edge of what is happening in the world. This is not easy, but it’s worth it.

RussianFedora GDM

Project Goals

Russian Fedora (and remixes) are providing all features that are needed for Russian people, but this includes more than one goal.

  • Technical aspect
    • Make lists with software which Russian people want to use
    • Packaging this software
    • Creating disks
    • Be a ‘transparent proxy’ between Russian people and upstream projects
  • Translations
    • Finding untranslated strings in software and translating it
    • Provisioning these translations to be upstream
    • Work with upstream for getting materials to be translated
  • Documentation in Russian language
  • Easy access to distro (Russian Fedora Remix and Fedora)
    • Creating mirrors in Russia Federation
    • Sending disks with distro to regions with slow/none internet
    • Giving disks with distro at all conferences
  • Organize conferences about open-source software
  • Help to educational institutions

We organize many events (online and offline) in Moscow. Fedora Release parties, Fedora Test days, conferences, informal events. All of them are available in Wiki  and News sections.


We are trying to keep up with Fedora Project processes. We have

Adding A Package

If you want to add package to our repos – you should do some steps.

From first glance:

  1. Create README.RFRemix with description why this package isn’t in Fedora & what’s the differences (if fixes package), and repository
  2. Create RPM (we helping with it in Jabber conferences)
  3. Submit package to review in redmine
  4. Pass review
  5. Build in Koji
  6. We will add it in our repos

Review is done by one of us (Fedora Project packagers). We are using Fedora Packaging Guidelines (with our exceptions about licensing).

For test days we’re helping people which don’t know English to test software and report bugs, & we’re sending all found bugs in software from redmine (Russian) to upstream bugzilla (English). Sometimes we’re writing patches for it. Now have some patches in kernel where are referenced to our redmine. One patch is in X.Org Intel driver.

We have a translators team. FYI, I didn’t see most of they in real life or in our online chats. That’s sad. I know team coordinator (Misha Shnurapet).

Packages In Repos

Some words about content available in our repositories.

Our repositories contains many packages:

  • russianfedora-free: chromium, deadbeef, psi-plus, ubuntu-font-family, vacuum, workaround-cyrillic-console, etc.
  • russianfedora-nonfree: flash-plugin, Opera, Skype, vmware-view-client, etc.
  • russianfedora-fixes: fontconfig, freetype, gnome-settings-daemon, mutter, taglib, unzip, etc.
  • russianfedora-branding: anaconda, gnome-initial-setup, grub2, os-prober, plymouth, etc.

I would take a look for some of this packages:

  • Chromium, deadbeef – I think you know these packages. These are upstream versions. Without our patches. No comments.
  • psi-plus – You also should know this package. In our team is maintained by one of upstream developers ;) Not in Fedora, because legal limitations. He’s working on it. I hope it will be available in Fedora in one year.
  • Ubuntu-font-family – Ubuntu fonts.
  • Vacuum – upstream vacuum-im. I don’t know why it isn’t in Fedora. I will contact maintainer to move it in Fedora.
  • workaround-cyrillic-console – A very interesting package/systemd-service hack. It fixes white boxes instead of cyrillic symbols in ttys. Written by one of our member. Bug filled in upstream.
  • flash-plugin, Opera, Skype, vmware-view-client – You should know these packages. These are the correct RPM’ed upstream packages. Contains minor patches. Skype contains fix for running on proprietary NVidia driver and something for PulseAudio (glitches I think)
  • fontconfig – Fedora fontconfig contains font rendering from Ubuntu. lcdfiltering and other. I will propose move this package to branding, because I think Fedora is unusable with this patches.
  • freetype – Fedora freetype built with subpixel rendering. Patents. But not in Russia ;)
  • gnome-settings-daemon – Fedora g-s-d temporary package. It builds with backported patches from upstream for non-english hotkeys. Should be deleted.
  • mutter – Fedora mutter built with patch for fixing fullscreen freezes in many applications including flash from ROSA Linux (also Russian distro). That’s a bad hack, but it works! Proprietary flash, but Russian people are using it.
  • taglib – Fedora taglib with patch for auto-detecting character encoding. Why not in upstream? I don’t know. I think contains some bad hacks.
  • unzip – Fedora unzip with patchess for supporting non-ascii filenames. Not in Fedora, because ..? I don’t know. Now patch LGTM, but has some bits, which should be fixed if we want to get this patch in upstream. We will fix it, for sure!
  • anaconda, gnome-initial-setup, grub2, os-prober, plymouth – Fedora packages with our fixes. Adding logos, icons and something like this.

Until Fedora 21 we didn’t have a branding repo, so all packages there were in fixes repository. That was more difficult to use if you didn’t want to convert your Fedora to Russian Fedora.

What’s Next

Summary of this post. What we should do next:

  • Work on with our translators team. We need more active translators
  • Get more members in QA Team & participate at all Fedora Test Events
  • Help people to move to upstream. Start with Russian Fedora Team and go up! I’ve started with Russian Fedora. Now I’m member of Fedora Project and GNOME Foundation.
  • Have more people, who will write news. Now most of news written by one person. I think one person isn’t enough
  • Have more people who want to code. That’s will good contribution to the upstreams from Russia.
  • Be social!
  • More conferences!

Russian Fedora Members

Some people from our team: Aleksandra Fedorova, Alexei Panov, Igor Gnatenko, Peter Lemenkov, Inna Kabanova, Arkady Shane. Unfortunately I’m in the project for a little more than ~1 year and I don’t know all of us.

Sure, we can’t do more without people. Feel free to join!

Get Russian Fedora

We are releasing our distro not later than 2 days after Fedora release. Usually in the same day.

[caption id="attachment_26843" align="aligncenter" width="640"]RussianFedora KDE Yes, we have people who are using Russian Fedora Remix![/caption]

Remember the Fedora Project Foundations: Freedom. Friends. Features. First.

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