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An Easy Way To Test Extensions Compatibility In GNOME 3.12

GNOME 3.12 comes with many changes in GSettings so if you upgrade from 3.10 is likely to lose some of your settings in GNOME apps, which isn’t really a big deal. A new feature I like a lot is that Shell now offers us a way to disable version validation for extensions.

Since 3.10 we had to hack on the extensions metadata.json files and adjust the version array

shell-version": [
    "3.8", "3.10", "etc"

In 3.12 we can ignore this key from GSettings. From Dconf-Editor:


If False, GNOME Shell will only load extensions that claim to support the current running version. If True, this option will disable this check and try to load all extensions regardless of the versions they claim to support.

From command line:


$ gsettings set disable-extension-version-validation "true"


$ gsettings set disable-extension-version-validation "false"

This is mostly for debugging reasons, so you can easily inform the extensions authors if their extensions work or not in the latest GNOME.

This option unfortunately isn’t available from within Tweak Tool, but it definitely belongs there.


Here I am running Alternative-Tab extension 3.10 in GNOME 3.12,
with none error displayed.

The drawback is that the Extensions.GNOME.Org (EGO) still doesn’t let us download extensions no-compatible with our Shell version. Something that they(Gnomers) will fix at some point.

EGO saves the extensions under:


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