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Adwaita theme for Chrome and Firefox!

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Google’s Chrome is a very popular freeware browser that has been around for almost 4 years now. It uses the Webkit layout engine and is fast and stable if you have enough RAM to feed it. There are many available themes that you can use to make Chrome look nice, but if you want it to look coherent with every other application in Gnome you have to use Garrett LeSage’s Adwaita Chrome theme and Gnome Scrollbars. Both are compatible with Chrome version 22 (and probably previous).


Garrett LeSage and his team are to thank if you’re using the most popular open source browser. Firefox can be made to look more “Gnomish” when Adwaita Firefox 15.2 is used. Version 15.1 was released today so it is not yet available through Mozilla addons webpage, but you can install it manually.

Mimic Web better, by tabs on the bottom and hidden menu!

Note that this addon is compatible with Firefox 15 only. It won’t work for 14. This version offers the following new features:

  • New navigation toolbar button style
  • Updated style for find, notifications, tabview, and webconsole
  • Additional support for symbolic icons
  • Tab padding and min-width changes
  • Inactive window support
  • Changed style of about:addons page
  • RTL fixes, most notably for back/forward buttons and identity box
  • New style for download window
  • Fixed scroll buttons on tab bar
  • URL bar history dropmarker adjusted
  • Radio buttons style changed
  • New tab drag indicator
  • Better support for GNOME 3’s text scaling accessibility feature
  • Initial support for the Tree Style Tab add-on
  • Theme improvements for those of you using the theme on Windows

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  • flp

    Please note that Garrett isn’t the only guy behind this theme, there are other team members that contributed a lot (

    • Bill_Toulas

      You are absolutely right. I am sorry

      • flp

        No harm done ;-)

  • Nick

    It seems to me that this scrollbar theme: is more consistent with my gnome 3 (3.4)

    • flp

      Oh, thanks for the link! :-)

    • hellzou

      I agree with you !

  • Stiph

    It also supports a couple of extensions, including FxButton (, which it styles as a gear menu: nice :)

  • Michael Mistretta

    I’d love to see Adwaita Dark themes for chrome/ff.

  • Aleksandar Jovanov

    Anyone know of GMenu extension for firefox 15+?

  • hictio

    Is there a way to add a theme to Chromium’s (or Chrome) default theme, the one called “Classic Theme”?
    I like the way that the Classic Theme maximizes the screen real state since doesn’t add a title bar on top of all the tabs.

    • Michael Mistretta

      I believe the only way is to disable use your themes windows borders.. it will remove window shadowing and it will use classic min/max/close but otherwise yes it will save space.