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Adwaita OS X, GTK 3.12 Theme | Is It Better Than Adwaita?

Only the name of the theme (Adwaita OS X) is enough to make us skip it. A wannabe Mac theme? Pff!

Isn’t kinda weird? From the one side people are blaming GNOME for copying some of key aspects of Mac OS X, and from the other side, OS X is the favorite proprietary desktop of many Gnomers.

Matthew Garrett posted, 2 days ago, yet another article (The desktop and the Developer) trying to examine why developers prefer Mac over Free Desktops. Apart from some obvious reasons (yea Mac does many things better, has more and better apps, etc), one from the reasons is the look and feel of Macs, both in hardware and the desktop it self.

My opinion as a Mac user my self (not regularly though) is that Mac’s are a waste of money in many cases. Obviously if you want to use Adobe and Autodesk tools, you go with OS X rather with Windows, but what’s the reason to buy the over-priced Mac box?

Running a Hackintosh won’t send you to jail even if you’re violating the Apple EULA that prohibits the installation of Mac OS X in a non-Apple hardware. Court of Justice of the European Union will probably exonerate you since Apple’s EULA violates other European laws, and Apple isn’t really persecuting Hackintosh installations. If they do thought, it might be a very ugly situation, but is a very unlikely scenario to happen.

Notice, that building (for your own use) and distributing (selling) a Hackintosh are two totally different things.

Back To Adwaita OS X

Adwaita OS X (AOSX) is my favorite theme by far, and I think is a theme that everyone who likes the default Adwaita, he/she will like it (AOSX) more!

[caption id="attachment_26241" align="aligncenter" width="640"]terminal-tabs GNOME Terminal Tabs with unique style![/caption]

Unfortunately AOSX suffers from lots of small or big annoyances and my guess is that this is happening mostly because its author (kxmylo) has build the theme using an Ubuntu installation. So I think this theme will work better in Ubuntu GNOME installations.

[caption id="attachment_26239" align="aligncenter" width="640"]adwaita-osx-light Different window controls for CSD and non-CSD
That’s a bug[/caption]

Adwainta OS X is based of Adwaita, but it looks more professional. Notice the elegant tabs, the noise header bars but also the almost invisible scroll bars. Buttons are smaller than the default Adwaita and this is a plus, while the colors are way much better than the defaults.


AOSX dark variant is simply awesome! Very clean, very slick and I specially love the noisy backgrounds in headers backs!

[caption id="attachment_26242" align="aligncenter" width="640"]music-dark Dark Theme won’t work in music (bug #723144)[/caption]

You could easily use the dark variant as default if you prefer dark themes, but it won’t work everywhere. 

Get it!

Notice that the above screens were taken from Fedora 20 with GNOME 3.12, but Adwaita OS X is supposed to look like the following!

aosx-1  aosx-2
Author: kxmylo,loathsome
GTK Support: 3.10 / 3.12
Get it from Deviant Art

If it was bug-free, it would definitely be one of the very best themes around! I hope its author will work further on bugs and port it also for GNOME 3.14!

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  • IsacDaavid

    I personally prefer Adwaita over any original or mimicked incarnation of the Mac OS look and feel. Those hideous colorful dots they call “window buttons” are impossible to reach efficiently, per Fitt’s law.

    The Adwaita color scheme seems a bit more consistent and less disruptive to me. I do think GNOME’s default GTK and Shell themes help increase productivity by methodically getting out of your way.

    Kudos to GNOME designers for their thoughtful work that finds inspiration and improves on other interfaces! They don’t seem to mind mixing originality with well-known paradigms as long as they deliver the best experience, and I like that approach. As an example, it is obvious that the new GTK tabs/notebook style builds upon OS X Aqua tabs as well as Android tabs (for the blue horizontal accentuating line); and the result was tabs which, in my opinion, are much better than either source.

  • Arnel A. Borja

    The sidebar of Music is currently cannot be themed which is a bug: