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Adwaita GTK+ Theme Is Now Ported To SASS!

SASS is a robust CSS preprocessor to help us writing DRYier (Don’t Repeat Yourself) stylesheets. Notice that SASS syntax also supports regular CSS.

This change will greatly help GNOME developers to easily maintain and evolve further the 7000+ CSS lines of GTK+, but it will also help theme authors to write “smaller” themes, if they want to follow that technique anyway. I don’t think this would ever be mandatory.

[caption id="attachment_26724" align="aligncenter" width="640"]sass-gtk SASS Mixins in Adwaita Theme[/caption]

The changes happened yesterday, starting from these two commits. Apart from the technical changes, we also have many new things in GTK+ visuals themselves, like fading transitions on controls, new hover styles on links/buttons, changes on CSDs and Popovers, new switches and much much more!



The work is still under progress, the theme is incomplete but.. it is enough to see the potential! It is a very nice work, without any complements! Special credits go to Lapo Calamandrei, Benjamin Otte and Matthias Clasen for making this happen!



This is a very quick screencasting I recorded yesterday trying mostly to show the transitions. I will try to make a good one when GTK 3.13.3 is released.

Oh and that is not even all! There are also many improvements concerning Touch screens and gestures (mostly made by Carlos Garnacho), but I will go there when I’ll get in my hands my Touchy Notebook, hopefully inside the next 10 days!

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