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Ads Ads & Ads ;)

I think it would be really boring to explain why ads are as good as bad, but necessary.

What it matters is how we can make a blog profitable so if we ever stop writing,  we can pass it to someone else and gets a good income, by just doing his/her hobby!

Google ads have a disadvantage; it is forbidden to draw attention on them. On the other hand we can draw the attention on Amazon Affiliating. We can call this clear and loud “Shop on Amazon through us!“.

While the average use of ad-blockers is around 25%, here we have 90%+. Neither Ads or Amazon will work. So, I am trying to find a way to deal with it.

The first thing I did was to add an ad-blocker detector. It isn’t perfect but fixes are trivial.


Google’s like logo is a joke till we get a normal one!

What is awful with ad-blockers is that except blocking ads, they also do block normal content. You can see that on the above image,  i.e popular posts are blocked.

So this pop-up actually won’t do really anything, you just click “Maybe Later”, which is never.

Next thought was to add an option for users to disable ads by Site-Settings. No need for using ad-blockers, and our content won’t get victimized from their bugs. But still we can’t make profit.

Next idea. Site-Settings can have options for users to choose exactly what they want to block. E.g, block Ad-Sense but let Amazon, or block this ad, but let the other. That maybe lead users to leave at least one source of advertising on.


Options open from Cogl button

I will work on this tomorrow or the day after. Do you have better ideas?

Submit your stories

I’ve written a simple app, that lets you submit your GNOME stories (a link). Users like/dislike the story, the author gets karma accordingly,  and if a story scores over a certain positive number, it gets published. A very cool way to collect verified GNOME news from everywhere!

I’ve written this for a week now, and I haven’t deployed it yet because I need some cash to buy a certificate, since it requires HTTPS -and maybe pay someone to set up the server thing.

The point? Yes we can make good use of Ads ;)

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  • Michael Heyns

    I personally don’t mind unobtrusive, static advertising. What I do care about is third-parties using ads to track my browsing activity without my consent. Good luck with the monetisation! I hope to possibly see a subscription/donation option too.

    • alex285

      Most of pages (if not all!), run Google Analytics scripts. Isn’t this exactly the same as Ads?
      Do ad-blockers also block Analytics scripts?!?

      Btw I don’t think that a script can track much anyway.

      • Michael Heyns

        They all track cookies in some way or another. I’m okay with Disqus and such but just not the ones that never ask for any consent. WoGue doesn’t seem to have the really bad agencies that you get many other places.

        • alex285

          Can you please name “the bad agencies”?
          Btw you have shutdown google comments?!

          • Michael Heyns

            I could try to list the thousands of agencies but to me “bad” implies using information without my consent. If you have seven minutes, please watch this video by former Mozilla CEO, Gary Kovacs to understand my view:‎

            I have blocked Google+ comments along with other social media comment systems mainly to make browsing lighter. I just prefer Disqus.

  • Bu Buccaneer

    The site is heavy as f on mobile and it’s not because of the bottom comment section. Previously it was the weird clock-like widget. Now I don’t know.
    / IE mobile, WP8

    • alex285

      Yes I know, it could be heavy in some mobiles, isn’t a problem of IE ;)
      The view in mobiles is also sh1t. I will add some option to can remove somethings, like the sidebars, so you the page will be lighter.

      • Bu Buccaneer

        It would be great. I find myself visiting the website more and more often.