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Add some sushi to your desktop!

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Sushi is very simple to work with. All you have to do to preview a file is to select it and then press spacebar button and a minimalistic window with the preview appears.

You can preview audio files, video files, image files and pdf and txt documents. The video and image files can also go fullscreen, while the audio and video files are offered a progress bar to allow the forward/backward function for better preview. This way you can basically even watch a whole movie without using a video playback application.

To install sushi you should search in your distribution’s package manager for the gnome-sushi package on Debian/Ubuntu or just sushi on the rest. You will have to restart Nautilus for it to work properly. Note that if you’re not using Nautilus, sushi will probably work on you other file manager too so don’t hesitate to try it out.

Sushi Git

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  • furrball

    meant for preview only, but does much more, eh? can’t wait for 3.6

    • alex285

      Doesn’t do much other than previewing, but I use it a lot to view some20min cartoons :)

  • foobar

    I only used it to test it when it was new. I know my files too well to need such an app. But still good to have it around.

  • Brandon Watkins

    Looks a lot better than it does in gnome 3.4… In gnome 3.4 the window border looked really ugly and it felt like beta software at best. I guess I’ll give it another try when 3.6 comes out.

  • Jeremy Bicha

    The package is just called “sushi” in Arch, Fedora & Mageia; “gnome-sushi” in Debian & Ubuntu. There already was a sushi source package in Debian so the previewer had to use a different name.

    • Bill_Toulas

      Thanks for that info Jeremy :)