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Add GEdit Integration With FPaste

GEdit 3.11.x is the only module from GNOME.Next I have linked against GNOME 3.10. Actually this is a bad practice, because you can mess up your configurations files, but gEdit is sooo good ;)

GEdit 3.12 added a patch to External Tools that enables us to send our scripts from gEdit to Fedora’s Paste Bin. You can also use this to older gEdit versions. I tested on GNOME 3.10, but I will show it in GNOME 3.11.x.


To use it, you need to get Fpaste.

$ sudo yum install fpaste

FPaste tool, it just sends an output to Fedora’s Paste Bin Online Service. For example check the following figure.


In the first Terminal I output the ls on screen, and on the second terminal I send ls output to FPaste. Of course you can also send files, for example

$ fpaste myfile.txt

GEdit & FPaste

GEdit 3.12 added a script that automates the previous job. You select some text in GEdit’s editor, you press a keyboard-shortcut and your text goes directly to


This is supposed to already work by default in GEdit 3.12, but for some reason I had to do it my self. Some bug I guess.

To activate it, we create a new Tool, we add the code to be executed, and we assign it to a Shortcut, in my case <Shift><Super>+p.

You can do that also in GEdit 3.10. The code:

#!/bin/env python3

import os, urllib, json, sys, urllib.request
from gi.repository import Gtk, Gdk

current_document_path = os.getenv('GEDIT_CURRENT_DOCUMENT_PATH')
selected_text = os.getenv('GEDIT_SELECTED_TEXT')

if selected_text is None:
    selected_text =

url_params = urllib.parse.urlencode({'paste_data': selected_text, 'paste_lang': lang, 'mode':'json', 'api_submit':'true'})
openfpaste = urllib.request.urlopen("", bytes(url_params, 'utf-8')).read().decode("utf-8")
final_data = json.loads(openfpaste)

paste_url = "" + final_data['result']['id']

print(paste_url + " has been copied to clipboard.")

disp = Gdk.Display.get_default()
clipper = Gtk.Clipboard.get_for_display(disp, Gdk.SELECTION_CLIPBOARD)
clipper.set_text(paste_url, len(paste_url))

It’s a good idea to get the code from Online, if they do some future updates. Obviously you can use some other pastebin tools and services like that.

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