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Add a GnoMenu and manage your minimized windows!

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The GS extensions that offer a classic applications or locations menu instead of or next to the Activities area are really more than enough. The GnoMenu is not just another addition in this category, but a menu extension that offers more than the usual…


GnoMenu offers all applications in categories, favorite apps on the left, search ability, list/grid view, logout, lock screen, advanced and system setting on the top left and restart shell, suspend and shutdown on the bottom left. Need a menu? GnoMenu is one of the most comprehensive things out there.

Enabling this extension not only add a menu, but also transforms the top left by replacing the Activities button with a View and an Apps button. View works like Activities while Apps is a shortcut to the Show Applications button.

  GnoMenu GS Extension

Minimized Windows List

What this extension is good for is pretty obvious from its name. It simply adds a menu that lists all minimized windows from all workspaces with the windows on the active workspace listed first. Clicking on a menu item restores the window and jumps to the workspace it is on.


A good thing about this extension is that the list icon is not shown at all, until a window is minimized. This extension is very simple to use and will certainly make you utilize the minimizing concept more under Gnome Shell.

  Minimized List GS Extension

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  • Alex

    There are great menu extensions in GNOME 3 yet the GNOME devs decided on a horrible menu that doesn’t even have search. Talk about laziness

    • Diogo Campos

      If you wanna search for an application, why not to use stock Gnome Shell, buddy?

      (and I don’t remember the “perfect and awesome” Gnome 2 to have a application search…)

      • JJ

        Well said!

      • Alex

        Because it covers the entire screen and it´s a PITA to use with a mouse?

        • Diogo Campos

          Well, I use GS in a *touchpad* and really don’t feel anything in the butt.

          And if you are actually *searching* something, why the search “covering the entire screen” bothers you, little buddy? It doesn’t help you find more easily and faster?

  • dylan-m

    That minimized window list looks lovely, and it seems like a perfect fit for stock GNOME Shell. Even if minimizing is completely de-emphasized, it’s still completely possible and there are some cases where it’s unavoidable. Along with a nice animation, that little addition should make minimizing much friendlier when it happens :)