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Add a fade-in effect for your windows

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Unfortunately, you cannot easily adjust the details like the duration of the fade in or the colors, and also there is no fade-out included that would be great too. I hope that luman will implement something like that in the next version of his extension.

Also, another little thing that I noticed is a small positioning bug that animates the window on the top left and then positions it on the last saved position. This shouldn’t be a problem for applications that open in full screen of course. Whatever the case, this is an interesting extension that needs your feedback to become better.

To add the fade-in effect for your windows, simply turn the switch to “ON”

Window Fade In

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  • hellzou

    Nice =)

  • Philip Witte

    Cool, I like this one more than Scale-In, so I switched. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Philip Witte

      Actually, this one has the same glitch as Slide-In, where the Window starts in one spot, then snaps to a different place…. I really with Gnome had a “Center by default” instead of “intelligent placement” (which is NOT intelligent 90% of the time).

      • billtoulas

        Yes, I wrote about it in the article. This seems to be a serious enough problem, to render the function (and beauty) of such extensions worthless…

        • hellzou

          Yeah, weird bug. I wonder how to report it… is it an extension bug or a gnome-shell bug…

          • Sriram Ramkrishna

            File it as a gnome-shell bug. extensions is really a part of gnome-shell.

  • sqs

    Take it, hold it, love it!

  • André Klausnitzer

    I don’t know whats different on my system; after deactivating the extension because the window snaps to a different location, I notived that Gnome shell has already a fade-in on it’s windows.

    • alex285

      Is a small difference, that it doesn’t always work (at least on me). I tried it (open/close windows) like 20 times to notice.

      • André Klausnitzer

        Maybe the duration is just a bit longer. Yesterday I tried the scale-in; that has not this snapping-bug, but it was too much distration. I’m not sure if it’s the right way to have long animations when somthing appears. They should be shorter as animations of disappearing windows, overlays and so on.