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can I install Apps in my distro from there?

If you haven’t an Ubuntu compatible distro you obviously cannot use the USC web-interface to install software. What it makes it cool, is that you can watch reviews and ratings and accordingly pick an app that is popular. Then it is easily to find this App for your distro and install it with your package manager.

selecting software

For some unknown reason you cannot sort software to popularity or rating. At least there some categories that can help you to find software.

save money

I was looking for games into USC and everything was mostly proprietary software that you have also to pay for it! If you are willing to give your money for proprietary software (which is cool!), USC web-interface can give a great help.

According to this user review Bionightmare Game isn’t something it worths to pay for.

a unified updater please?

It’s kinda stupid that every Linux Distro comes with its own updater and installer when most distros use package-kit. Till the day an unified package manager to arrive (and it will), USC Web Interface is a cool way to discover apps for every distro, since Ubuntu features the largest user-base, and therefore the most reviews and ratings into its software center.

Ubuntu Software Center Web Interface 


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