About Wogue


Wogue is an effort to promote GNOME to as many people as possible. More than this is an effort to tide up the clutter and have all GNOME news in one place.  We collect our material from gnome.org, mailing lists, developers blogs, git etc.

And there is more ! We’re gonna show you theming, customizing and open source apps that run on GNOME OS.

And there is more ! We’re gonna talk with people behind GNOME and discuss the present, the future and all the controversial features of our favorite OS.

And there is more! We’re gonna  host votings about what you want to see on GNOME and what you don’t like.

And there is much more !


Wogue isn’t an official GNOME page, it is just a fan page !


Wogue Team



Involve with Wogue

UC ..but you can always contact us @ worldofgnome [at] gmail com


Page Design

We want to keep a simple, clean light design, optimized for touch screens. We didn’t attempt to fully copy Shell but we might do it in the future!  We will occasionally change our template so we keep a useless change log just for fun. You can access it from the green box next to our logo.


This is work in progress and we are aware of some terrible usability bugs, but we gonna fix them when we have some spare time :)